Federal contract opportunity VA25110IB0255 for commercial and institutional building construction at VA Ann Arbor Health Care System Department of Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Health Care System, response was due Aug 24, 2010.

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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
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THIS NOTICE IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. THIS OPPORTUNITY IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO CONTRACTORS UNDER SERVICE DISABLED VETERANS OWNED SMALL BUSINESS PROGRAM FOR CONSTRUCTION NAICS CODE 236220. The Department of Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System, 2215 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 anticipates soliciting bids and subsequently awarding a contract for the construction project known as "Upgrade Registration." The solicitation will be conducted in accordance with FAR Part 14 (Sealed Bidding) and Part 36 (Construction) and will be evaluated in accordance with the procedures therein. The solicitation will be advertised as a Total Set-Aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses. The contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and travel necessary to perform all work under this project which consists of:

This project will include all labor and materials to complete all work for upgrading the VA Ann Arbor Medical Center's registration area. The contractor shall perform all demolition, mechanical, electrical, architectural, structural, and other general construction to complete the project for the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. This project will require phasing; that will be specified by the resident engineer; this will minimize disruptions to the VA operations. All removal and installation of furnishing will be done by VA Interior Design, and adequate time for such is to be figured into the phasing.

Phase 1: Contractor shall install the required electrical, data, and signage for the new information desk as shown on the plans. Contractor will install a Herman Miller electrical whip (to be provided by VA) and an additional whip for three (3) new stations which include data and phone lines. Data whips and three individual data/phone jacks to be provided by the contractor and to be mounted to the new furniture. Field verification will be needed for best conduit run.

Phase 2: Contractor shall demolish existing information desk and dispose of this in a proper offsite location. Contractor shall remove existing electrical, including all conduit and power panel boards, and any other electrical devices in the desk and turn them over to the VA's electric shop. Contractor shall then remove existing tiles where the new carpet shall be installed by the contractor. When demolishing, the tile demolition line is to follow the existing grout line to minimize damage to existing conditions. Contractor shall take special care to try to remove existing tiles, in full pieces and turn them over to the VA carpentry shop. If contractor damages existing conditions, contractor shall repair damages at their expense. Contractor shall cap existing electrical power source under the existing information desk. Contractor shall also be required to relocate and provide power source existing Q-matic display boards as shown on the plans. Note: All demolition work for this phase to be done on weekends or after hours to minimize disruptions to VA operations.

Phase 3: In existing registration area, contractor shall demolish existing built in casework as shown on the plans, and dispose of this in a proper offsite location. Contractor shall also demolish existing bulkhead with can lighting and install new ceiling track, grid and ceiling tiles to match existing in the area. Any touch up paint and patching is to be done by the contractor. Contractor shall install new electrical and data as shown on plan (all electrical whips to be provided by VA). Contractor is also required to install a new door as seen on the plans. Contractor shall install new carpet for this area as specified.

Phase 4: Contractor shall demolish existing patient bathroom as per the plans, capping all necessary lines. Contractor shall demolish and remove all lines/utilities and cap them past the wall, so that they will not show, all patching and painting after demolition will be by the contractor. Contractor shall then construct the new beneficiary travel area as per the plans, building the new walls, casework and installing the door. All construction shall be up to the VA standards. Contractor shall install two (2) new Erlich panic alarms under the desk, out of sight, as per the plans. Contractor shall carpet existing new beneficiary travel location; see plans for specifications.

Phase 5: Contractor shall demolish existing wall between existing beneficiary travel area and the agent cashier with the safe remaining in the same location in the space (see demolition plan for details). Contractor shall replace entire existing ceiling grid, tiles and track with the new grid system. Contractor must also install special security clips on every new 2'x2' (Armstrong Ultima Beveled Tegular, 15/16" white track) tile for security purposes for the entire new agent cashier area. Existing 2'x4' lights will be installed as per the plans, and existing diffusers are to remain. Contractor may be required to modify existing placement of HVAC systems if necessary. Contractor shall procure and install two (2) new bullet proof glass windows for the two new stations in the expanded agent cashier area. Contractor is to match existing agent cashier bullet proof glass and encasement details to ensure security in the agent cashier area per VA standards. Contractor shall also remove existing door from the corridor area and patch and paint to match existing and bullet proof and tamper proof to meet VA standard requirements for agent cashier areas. Contractor shall also install one (1) Erlich panic alarm as specified, underneath the counter, power source is above ceiling, contractor shall field verify. Contractor shall replace three (3) existing can lights in the agent cashier hallway with 2'x2' ceiling lights. Contractor shall also replace the existing 2'x4' ceiling tile in the remaining bathroom to match the existing 2'x2' ceiling tiles. Contractor shall replace existing 4'x1' light in bathroom with new 2'x2' ceiling light. NOTE: Contractor shall perform this phase of construction over a weekend, to minimize disruptions to VA operations.

Contractor will have to work with the VA in coordinating all five phases of the construction, and there may be some delays in between phases.

The period of performance is 90 calendar days for the entire project. The cost range of this project is between $25,000 and $100,000. NAICS Code: 236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction. The solicitation documents including specifications and drawings will be issued on or about July 23, 2010. Site visit information will be provided upon issuance of the solicitation. Only one site visit will be conducted. Bids will be due 30 days after issuance of the solicitation. This notice is for informational purposes only and is not a request for submission of offers. The Government is not obligated to issue a solicitation as a result of this notice. No other information is available until issuance of the solicitation. No bidder list is maintained by the Contracting Office. All potential bidders should register on this website as interested vendors.

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