Federal contract opportunity W5J9LE11B0004 for commercial and institutional building construction at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE District, Kandahar, response was due Jul 21, 2011.

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This is a Pre-Solicitation Synopsis Notice for the 215th Quick Response Force, for Camp Shor'ab Helmand Province, Afghanistan. We anticipate full posting of this requirement, on or around 20 June 2011.


AFGHANISTAN ENGINEER DISTRICT SOUTH (AES) Firm Fixed Price Contract for Design and Construction for the Expansion of the Afghan National Army (ANA) 215th Utilities, Engineering, QRF and Signals Corps Expansion at Camp Shor'ab, Washir District, Helmand, Afghanistan.

22 May 2011
The garrison project consists of facilities for expansion of the 215th Quick Reaction Force (QRF), Engineer, and Signal Kandaks, and other common facilities for the brigade, including all support facilities, utilities and infrastructure upgrades as applicable.
Note: The term "Kandak" refers to the common Afghan terminology for a military battalion unit.
This project is intended to meet the electric power, waste water, potable water and irrigation requirements of the Afghan National Army garrison at Shor'ab, Afghanistan. It consists of planning, design and construction of: additional power distribution capacity from the existing garrison power plant to the north portion of the garrison in order to distribute power to existing and future kandaks; upgrade of the waste water collection system to collect sewage from existing kandaks not currently serviced and future kandaks. The intent is to provide permanent basing standards using Arch-Span construction methods and standardized designs to complete the project within a 540-day period of performance (POP). Phased construction is required for accommodating 2,000 soldiers will be provided in the Scope of Work.
The project must be completed in 540 days from the Notice-to-Proceed (NTP). Buildings, facilities, utilities and infrastructure shall be built following the construction priority list included in this Invitation For Bid (IFB). The contractor shall be responsible for providing final design and as- built drawings for most facilities, site work, and related designs.
The Contractor may be required to coordinate the efforts required under this contract with at least one other contractor at the site. Such coordination is required as part of this contract. The coordination effort may be significant and may include such tasks as the exchange of information with other contractors such as design data, drawings, calculations, and technical information. Additionally, it may be necessary for the contractor to conduct meetings, hold teleconferences, and prepare the submittal of additional information to the Contracting Officer (KO) that demonstrates the coordination and integration of new work with existing and future work of other contractors. All coordination shall be in agreement with the KO and approved prior to the commencement of any work.
This is an Invitation For Bid (IFB) solicitation. Award of a contract will be made in accordance with FAR Part 14 procedures, as laid out in the Federal Acquisition Regulations. The government intends to award to the low bidder, based upon price and other price related factors, in accordance with FAR 14.408, whose firm is determined responsible and eligible for award. Bidders shall furnish with their proposal a bid guarantee in the form of a firm commitment, e.g. bid bond supported by good and sufficient surety or sureties acceptable to the Government, postal money order, certified check, cashier's check, irrevocable letter of credit, or, under Treasury Department regulations, certain bonds or notes of the United States. The awardee will be required to submit performance and payment bonds (or other acceptable security as discussed above for the bid guarantee).

The applicable NAICS code is 236220 ($33.5M small business size standard). The solicitation will be unrestricted/full and open. The resulting contract shall be for 540 days. The magnitude of this project is between $25M and $100M. As this contract is planned to be performed exclusively outside of the United States, there is neither a Small Business set-aside, nor any applicable wage rates. The solicitation, and all information regarding this requirement, will be posted to the below websites under Solicitation Number W5J9LE-11-B-0002:

Army, Single Face to Industry - https://acquisition.army.mil/asfi/

Afghanistan Engineering District - http://www.aed.usace.army.mil/AES/contracting.asp

The tentative date for the posting of this requirement is anticipated to be on or around 6 June 2011. The full solicitation will be posted for no less than 30 days. Any questions or concerns regarding this requirement must be submitted into contracting no less than 10 days prior to the official bid due date and time, to be considered timely. Any information or responses regarding this solicitation shall be posted to the above websites. Only questions submitted via e-mail, to the below contact information, shall be responded to. Full details regarding the bid opening, any site visits, or any pre-bid conferences shall be stated, in detail, within the solicitation or any amendments.

The point-of-contact for this procurement is Nathan Taylor, Contract Specialist, USACE-AES, APO AE 09355. You may reach Mr. Taylor via email at Nathan.s.taylor@usace.army.mil, with a courtesy copy to TAS.Contracting@usace.army.mil.