Federal contract opportunity SPE4A7-14-R-1713 for NSN 1670-01-236-3820 at DLA Acquisition Locations DLA Aviation - BSM, response was due Feb 17, 2014.

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SPE4A7-14-R-1713 will be issued to establish an Definite Quantity Firm Fixed Price Contract, One-Time-Buy, for approximately 286 each of NSN 1670-01-236-3820, Canopy, Ejection Seat.  This is used on the C-135 Aircraft.

Inspection/Acceptance will be at Origin; FOB Destination.

This solicitation includes provision 52.215-9023, Reverse Auction.  Since a Reverse Auction may be conducted, offerors are encouraged to access the ProcureX system to self-register and review the available training tools at:  dla.procurexinc.com to learn more about how to participate in an auction.  Offerors who do not self-register will be loaded at the time of auction by DLA.

The RFP will be available on www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil after January 17, 2014.

Source Approval Statement applies to this part. The only approved sources for this Canopy, Ejection Seat, are as follows:

Universal Propulsion, CAGE 51998
Mills Manufacturing, CAGE 02693
Pioneer Aerospace, CAGE 77745
FSX Corporation, CAGE 52497
Airborne Systems N. A. CAGE 05QR4

It is expected that award will be made to one of those firms. Any firm which is not already approved to manufacture this material must submit a Source Approval Request, SAR. This procurement will not be delayed to wait for a SAR approval.

A Government First Article Test, (FAT), will be required. Testing will be conducted on one item.

Production Lot Testing will be required. Testing will be conducted by the Contractor.

This is a Type 1 Shelf Life Item.

This is an Air Force Designated Critical Safety Item, (CSI).