Federal contract opportunity SPM4A711R1761 for NSN 2840-01-146-5719 at DLA Acquisition Locations DLA Aviation - BSM, response was due Apr 11, 2011.

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Vane, turbine engine/ WSDC: 25F/ E-3A acft


Purchase Request #: 0040503769

Issue date: 03/10/11

Closing Date: 04/11/11

Type of Procurement: Definite Firm Fixed Price

DLA Direct (Stock)

NSN: 2840-01-146-5719

Nomenclature: Vane, turbine engine

End Item Application: E-3A acft

Quantity: 2124 ea

Option for Quantity Increase: No

Inspection & Acceptance: Origin

FOB: Origin

Approved sources: General Electric, Inc., CAGE 07482, P/N P202P02

Walbar, inc., CAGE 58556, P/N P202P02

Critical Item

Configuration controlled

Export controlled

Configuration controlled

Mylars apply

Air Force Critical Safety Item

Government First Article Testing applies

Delivery: 580 days ARO with FAT/310 days ARO with FAT waived  


Point of contact is Rodney Burgos at 804-279-5381. 


The proposed contract action is for supplies or services for which the Government intends to solicit and negotiate with only one or a limited number of sources under the authority of FAR 6.302. Interested persons may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement or submit proposals. This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals. However, all proposals received within forty-five days (thirty days if award is issued under an existing basic ordering agreement) after date of publication of this synopsis will be considered by the Government. A determination by the Government not to compete with this proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will normally be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement.


The solicitation document contains information that has been designated as "Militarily Critical Technical Data." Only businesses that have been certified by the Department of Defense, United States/Canada Joint Certification Office, and have a valid requirement may have a copy of the solicitation document. All requests for copies of the solicitation document must include a certified copy of DD Form 2345, Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement. To obtain certification, contact: Commander, Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS), ATTN: U.S./Canada Joint Certification Office, 74 Washington Avenue North, Battle Creek, MI 49017-3084 or call the DLIS at (800)-352-3572. The DLIS Unites States/Canada Joint Certification Lookup service is available via the Internet at: http://www.dlis.dla.mil/jcp


Based upon market research, the Government is not using the policies contained in Part 12, Acquisition of Commercial Items, in its solicitation for the described supplies or services. However, interested persons may identify to the contracting officer their interest and capability to satisfy the Government's requirement with a commercial item within 15 days of this notice.


Specifications, plans or drawings related to the procurement described are not available and cannot be furnished by the Government. The final contract award decision may be based upon a combination of price, past performance, and other evaluation factors as described in the solicitation. In accordance with 10 U. S. C. 2304 (c) (1), other than full and open competition applies.


Conditions for evaluation and acceptance of offers for part numbered items cited in the acquisition identification description (AID): This agency has no data available for evaluating the acceptability of alternate products offered. In addition, to the data required in subparagraph (c) (2) of clause L17C01 (52.217-9002), the offeror must furnish drawings and other data covering the design, materials, etc., of the exact product cited in the AID, sufficient to establish that the offeror's product is equal to the product cited in the AID.


A copy of the solicitation will be available via the DLA Internet Bid Board System at https://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/RFP on the same issue date cited in the solicitation.  Choose the RFP you wish to download.  Solicitations are in portable document format (PDF).  To download and view these documents you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This software is available free at http://www.adobe.com.  A paper copy of the solicitation will not be available to requestors. 


All proposals must be submitted to the Bid Custodian via email: dscr.biddesk@dla.mil or fax 804-279-4165 to be considered for an award.  Do not submit proposals directly to contracting officer or contracting specialist.