Federal contract opportunity W90N6T0181N032 for hotels (except casino hotels) and motels at Army Contracting Command, MICC MICC Center - Fort Dix (RC)(Joint Base McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst), response was due Jul 12, 2010.

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This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

Solicitation # W90N6T0181N032 is a Special Notice - Request for Quote (RFQ) for lodging during the period: check in 16 July and check out 18 July 2010 in Virginia Beach, VA. This procurement is being issued as a SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE. Only small businesses under the NAICS Code listed below are being solicited resulting in a COMPETITIVELY awarded purchase order contract. The NAICS code for this acquisition is 721110 with the small business size standard being $7,000,000 or less.

Solicitation for the items below:
a. Day 1 Friday 16 July- 50 single rooms & 30 double rooms;
b. Day 2 Saturday 18 July- 50 single rooms & 30 double rooms;
Amenities will not be added to the contract.

Audio Visual (type and quality of amenities required):
Saturday, 0800- 1700, for General Session:
a. Video screen-1;
b. Projector-1;
c. Wireless microphones - 2;
d. Microphones -2;
e. Any audio visual support necessary for the child care requirements

Saturday, 0800-1700, Wi-Fi access.

0004 Child care
Licensed and Insured Child care providers for30 children ages 0-12 years from 080-1700, with
Water station. Room must be close to bathroom facilities;

One (1) Conference room: General Session, Saturday, 0800-1700, linen covered tables,
Briefing style, for 120 attendees with water station.
One (1) Conference room: child care, Saturday , 0800-1700, linen covered tables, 8 man rounds
for 30 children

0006 Meals: (private area preferred)
a. Saturday, 0700 -0800, continental Breakfast, for 100 people, 8 man linen covered rounds
b. Saturday, 1200-1300, Lunch buffet, for 100 people, 8 man linen covered rounds;
c. Sunday, 0700 -0800, continental Breakfast, for 100 people, 8 man linen covered rounds d. Sunday, 1200-1300, boxed lunches, for 100 people
e. Saturday, 0800 -1700, coffee, ice water and small snacks

The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items necessary to provide contracted services as set forth below and in the attachments.

PROVISIONS/CLAUSES: The following Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), provisions and clauses apply to this solicitation and are incorporated by reference (provisions and clauses may be obtained via the internet: http://farsite.hill.af.mil or http://www.arnet.gov/far/ ): FAR 52.204-7, Central Contractor Registration; The provisins at 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items and Addendum to FAR CLAUSE 52.212-1 applies to this acquisition. Paragraphs (d), (e), (h), and (i) are hereby deleted from FAR 52.212-1; FAR 52.212-2 Evaluations- Commercial Items, FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representatives and Certifications-Commercial Items and DFARS 252.212-7000, Offeror Representations and Certifications- Commercial Items apply to this acquisition and offeror(s) must include completed copies with their quote. FAR 52.212-3 and DFAR 252.212-7000 can be obtained from http://farsite.hill.af.mil or from http://orca.bpn.gov if registered in ORCA (Online Representation and Certifications application). Offerors are required to indicate whether they will accept the government credit card as a method of payment. The clause at 52.212- 4, Contract Terms and Conditions Commercial Items applies to this acquisition and the following addendum applies: The following paragraphs are hereby deleted from the FAR Clause 52.212-4: (h), (j), (n) and (p); FAR 52.247-34, F.O.B. Destination. The following FAR clauses apply to this solicitation and are incorporated in full text:; FAR 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes Or Executive Orders-Commercial Items, within FAR 52.212-5, the following clauses apply: FAR 52.219-6; FAR 52.219-28; FAR 52.222-3, Convict Labor; FAR 52.222-21, Prohibition of Segregated Facilities; FAR 52.222-26, Equal Opportunity; FAR 52.222-36, Affirmative Action for Workers with Disabilities; FAR 52.232-33, Payment by Electronic Transfer Central Contractor Registration; FAR 52.252-2, Clauses Incorporated by Reference,

The following Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clauses apply to this solicitation and are incorporated by reference: DFARS 252-204-7004 Alt A, Required Central Contractor Registration (52.204-7) Alternate A. The following DFARS clauses apply to this solicitation and are incorporated in full text: DFARS 252.212-7000, Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items; DFARS 252.212-7001, Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders Applicable to Defense Acquisitions of Commercial Items, within DFARS 252.212-7001, the following clauses apply: DFARS 252.225-7001, Buy American Act and Balance of Payment Program; DFARS 252.232-7003, Electronic Submission of Payment Requests; DFARS 252.246-7000, Material Inspection and Receiving Report.

All Contractors that are solicited/or apply must be registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) web-sites. Your quote MUST list your DUNS number, CAGE code, and Federal TIN with Company name, Point of Contact and phone number. A DUNS (Dun and Bradstreet) number is required in order to register. If you need to obtain or renew a DUNS number or CAGE code, please visit www.ccr.gov. All Contractors not registered in the CCR database prior to proposal submittal will not be considered. All contractors who have not completed their ORCA registration, please visit https://orca.bpn.gov/. Contractors must complete their ORCA registration before contract award.

All invoices subject to payment by the Defense Accounting and Finance Office shall be submitted through Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF). WAWF is the Governments preferred payment method. Vendors/contractors are to be registered in WAWF to receive payment through electronic funds transfer (EFT). If you are not currently registered in WAWF, please visit the following web-site: https://wawf.eb.mil/ to complete your registration. Additional instructions for WAWF registration can be found in the attachments.

In accordance with FAR 52.212-2, the Government will award a contract/purchase order resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following evaluation factors shall be used to evaluate offers: Technical (Facility Assessment consisting of cleanliness, security and amenities) and Price. Award will be based on the best value to the Government. Best value is based on the above criteria in the following manner: Technical is slightly more important than Price

The anticipated award will be a Firm-Fixed Price contract. Offerors must submit quotes on the full quantity identified. Award shall be made to a single offeror. The Contracting Officer reserves the right to make no award under this procedure.

Instructions to Contractor:
Price does not cover nor include laundry, phone, parking or other incidentals unless specifically implied. The U.S. Government will only pay for the actual number of rooms used, up to the maximum quantity identified in this contract. If additional rooms or nights are needed in excess of the quantity reserved under this contract, contact the Contracting officer to notify of the situation. Contract changes are authorized only by the Contracting Officer. Inform any personnel that all changes are to be in accordance with this paragraph.

A written notice of award or acceptance of an offer mailed or otherwise furnished to the successful offeror within the time for acceptance specified in the offer, shall result in a binding contract without further action by either party. Before the offers specified expiration time, the Government may accept an offer (or part of an offer), whether or not there are negotiations after its receipt, unless a written notice of withdrawal is received before award.

a) quoted price per item number and total cost of quote
b) A list of facility amenities.
c) CAGE code, DUNS number, and Federal Tax ID.

Third party providers should include the additional information requested in the paragraph listed below ----Failure to provide this information with your quote may deem your quote to be technically unacceptable and/or non-responsive.

This is NOT a solicitation for Event Planning Services. For a proposal submitted by an offeror that is not a hotel, the offeror must describe in its proposal the technical approach for the offeror's services as a prime contractor and forward a copy of a signed, written agreement between the offeror and a representative who has binding authority of stated hotel facility. This agreement must state that it covers the period of performance requested in the solicitation. In addition, a copy of all insurance(s) (standard business, liability, extraordinary insurances) must be submitted with the offeror's technical proposal for evaluation purposes. Again, this is NOT a solicitation for Event Planning Services. An offer which requires the Government to execute a separate agreement with a third party hotel shall be deemed technically unacceptable.

The requirements and Contract Line Item Numbers(CLINs) for this request for quote are again listed below. Contractors are to complete the MODIFIFED Solicitation Bid Schedule and return by the RFQ submittal date & time listed within. ONLY ONE QUOTE PER CONTRACTOR WILL BE CONSIDERED. ALL LATE QUOTES WILL BE REJECTED.

NOTE: The final quoted price(s), both total and individual, MUST include all applicable taxes, fees, gratuities, commissions, service charges, etc... THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS TAX EXEMPT

LOCATION: The Hotel must be in Virginia Beach, VA

The contractor is put on notice that the Government will not be held liable for any requirement that is to be paid for by participants or any amounts associated with those items, including any guaranteed minimum purchases that the contractor may require.

REQUIRED RESPONSE DATE: Quotes MUST be received by 12:01 P.M. Eastern Time (ET) on 12 July 2010. Quotes are to be e-mailed to Theresa Eckstein, Contract Specialist at theresa.m.eckstein@us.army.mil or faxed to (609) 562-2029. Please contact Theresa Eckstein, Contract Specialist via the above stated e-mail or telephone number if you are submitting your quote via fax. An official authorized to bind your company shall sign the quote. Questions concerning this solicitation should be addressed to Theresa Eckstein, Contract Specialist, via email or fax at the contact information previously provided. All questions or inquires must be submitted in writing. Quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

Contracting Office Address:
USAR Center-Dix, 5418 South Scott Plaza 3rd Floor, Fort Dix, NJ 08640-5097
Point of Contact(s):
Theresa Eckstein, 609-562-2185

Place of Performance