Federal contract opportunity DTFH68-11-B-00007 for highway, street, and bridge construction at Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Central Federal Lands Highway Division, response was due May 17, 2011.

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Schedule A has been separated into Schedule A and Option W.  Plans may be downloaded from the CFLHD website using the link provided.

PROJECT DETAILS  UT/WY PRA/NPS IMR PRES 1(11), Dinosaur, Fossil Butte, Timpanogos National Monuments, and Golden Spike National Historic Site.  This project provides pavement preservation of the paved surfaces in Dinosaur National Monument, Fossil Butte National Monument, Timpanogos National Monument and Golden Spike National Historic Site.  The project consists of one schedule and three options. 

  • Schedule A - Dinosaur National Monument - 51.22 miles (840,247 square yards) of roadways, campgrounds, and Parking Areas.  

  • Option X - Fossil Butte National Monument - 3.61 mile (65,541 square yards) of roadways and parking areas.  

  • Option Y - Golden Spike National Historic Site - 9,395 square yards of parking areas.  

  • Option Z - Timpanogos National Monument - 6,477 square yards of parking areas.  

The work will include the following Pavement Preservation items:

1) Hot asphalt patching type 2,

2) Crack cleaning and sealing,

3) Single chip seal,

4) Micro-surfacing type 2.

5) Traffic Control

6) Additional items of work included to support these activities.

There will be weather Limitations for Surface Treatments - May 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011

It is anticipated that this project will be advertised on March 9, 2011 with construction occurring from late April to early December, 2011.  Project Plans, additional technical information and Questions/Answers will be available for download/viewing from our website: www.cflhd.gov on that date.

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