Federal contract opportunity LCA02638_Modified for lessors of other real estate property at Public Buildings Service (PBS) San Francisco Service Center (9PFC), response was due Sep 24, 2010.

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The General Services Administration (GSA) desires to lease approximately 6,423 rentable square feet of contiguous office and related space yielding a minimum of 5,585 to a maximum of 5,864 ANSI/BOMA office area square feet. The office should be fully serviced, first-class, air-conditioned office and related space together with ten (10) onsite reserved parking spaces with 24-hour / 7-day-a-week access, and have the capacity to provide an additional three (3) parking spaces over the lease term. Public transportation and parking must be within three (3) blocks of the offered building/space.



The site must be located in Santa Rosa, CA within the delineated area as bounded by the following (also see attached map identifying this delineated area boundary):

North:   Fulton - Old Redwood - Shiloh Road East


South:  Highway 12


East:    Faught Road- Old Redwood Highway - Round Barn Blvd - Fountaingrove Parkway - Mendocino Avenue - Chanate Road - Franklin Avenue - North Street - Brookwood Avenue


West:  Fulton Road



The lease will be for fifteen (15) years / ten (10) years firm. The Government may terminate the lease in whole or in part effective at any time after the tenth year by giving at least sixty (60) days' prior notice in writing to the Lessor.



The space offered must be in a Class A fully serviced quality building of sound and substantial construction, either a new, modern building or one that has undergone restoration or rehabilitation for the intended use.


The building and the leased space shall be accessible to workers with disabilities in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act Accessibility guidelines and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. Wherever standards conflict, the more stringent shall apply.


The leased space shall be free of all asbestos containing materials, except undamaged asbestos flooring in the space, undamaged boiler or pipe insulation outside the space, in which case an asbestos management program conforming to EPA guidance shall be implemented. The space shall be free of other hazardous materials according to applicable Federal, State, and local environmental regulations. Additionally, the building must conform to Life Safety Performance Level of ICSSC RP 6. Further, the space must be altered to meet the Government's requirements.



  • Offered space must be second floor or above.



  • For offers of space in existing buildings, preference will be given for a minimum of a 20 foot standoff distance from the curb line, or nearest point accessible by a vehicle, to the façade of the building to house the tenant.



  • Facilities that provide underground parking should have access controlled parking restricted to building tenants only. Facilities that provide open/general public parking below the offered building/space will not be considered.



  • The offered building/space must not be located in the immediate vicinity of any facilities identified by the Interagency Security Committee as either "hazardous materials transportation / storage facilities" or as "low risk facilities". Examples of Hazardous locations include facilities with any potential environmental threats, such as fuel storage areas, gas stations, chemical manufacturing facilities, etc., as well as Railroad Lines transporting hazardous material. Examples of "low risk facilities" include day care centers, schools, hospitals, religious centers, and social service centers.



  • The offered building/space shall provide or be able to provide established access control procedures. Methods such as electronic access control systems, guards, positive identification procedures and controlled elevator access will be used as selection criteria. This access control method should extend to all perimeter entry/exit points, loading docks, parking garage, and emergency exits.


    Expressions of Interest should be submitted to the following person and address in writing, via e-mail, or via fax, and should provide all the following information:

    1. Building name and address.



    3. Rentable and ANSI/BOMA office area square feet offered, including floor plate size and floor plan.



    5. Method of measurement used to determine rentable square footage.



    7. Common Area Factor (load factor) for available space.



    Responses must be received no later than 4:00 pm PST, September 24, 2010.



    Please submit all applicable information to:


    Eileen Khanloo

    Leasing Specialist

    General Services Administration (GSA)

    Real Estate Acquisition Division (9P4PRC)

    450 Golden Gate Avenue, 3rd Floor East Wing

    San Francisco, CA 94102-3434

    phone: 415/522-3122

    fax: 415/522-3116

    email:  eileen.khanloo@gsa.gov


    In all correspondence, please refer to Solicitation for Offers No. LCA02638.

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    Package #1 Delineated Area_Revised.pdf Map of delineated area
    Package #1 Delineated Area_Revised.pdf Map of delineated area
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