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The Bureau of Reclamation Snake River Area Office has a small business set aside service-commercial item requirement to supply Deliverables -Verification of Radiant Accuracy In stream data collected during the time frame of the TIR survey and verification of radiant temperature accuracy. Target radiant accuracy is 0.5 C. - Flight log - Flight log (GIS compatible file) containing the name and geographic location of each image frame. - Longitudinal Profile Excel spreadsheet containing the longitudinal temperature profile, showing the stream and tributary temperatures versus river mile. -Observation and Analysis - Interpretation of the imagery highlighting major relevant findings, and an analysis of the longitudinal profile will be provided in the final report. -Report - a comprehensive report, detailing methodology, accuracy, results, and analysis (electronic and hard copy versions). -Unrectified Images - Calibrated TIR images in Erdas Imagine *img format with cell value = radiant temperature * 10. - Geo Rectified Image Mosaic - Continuous ortho rectified mosaic of TIR images with cell value = radiant temperature * 10. Complete specifications will be available under Solicitation R13PS11012. Vendors must be registered in CCR to be eligible for award of contract. Responses must include completed clause 52.212-03 or ORCA registration confirmation. TIN and DUNS numbers must be included with responses. Complete responses are due by 3:00 pm local time 3/21/2013. Estimated award date 3/25/2013. Required delivery date 9/30/2013.

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