Federal contract opportunity NWWX9000-13-01648DR for instruments and related products manufacturing for measuring, displaying, and controlling industrial process variables at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Western Acquisition Division-Boulder.

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Sources Sought SynopsisTHIS IS A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) ONLY - The Government is currently conducting market research to gather information and identify potential sources for the requirement identified below. A solicitation is not available at this time, and requests for a solicitation will not receive a response. This notice does not constitute a commitment by the United States Government. NOAA's Acquisition & Grants Office, Western Acquisition Division-Boulder, in support of the NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center seeks potential vendors to provide spacecraft telemetry receiver system. General Description: The required receiver will accept spacecraft telemetry signals down converted to the 70 MHz band with data rates between 100 sps and 20 Msps. It will carry out search, demodulation, decoding, and bit and frame synchronization of common telemetry formats. In the case of telemetry adhering to the CCSDS* standards, the receiver will decommutate virtual channels. The receiver system will be capable of initiating standard network Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) socket connections to multiple designated servers for output of the desired telemetry data in the form of frames of virtual channels to specified servers. The operating system component of the receiver system shall be configurable to meet the requirements of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and the National Institute of Standard's U. S. Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) configuration baselines. The receiver operation will be configured and controlled through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI will be accessible through both a direct connection to the receiver and remotely over a secure encrypted network connection using a standard client web browser. The display will enable configuration of the receiver system and show the status of the signal reception and performance parameters. The receiver system must be capable of logging time tagged status and performance information and a separate security log compatible with remote Syslog server. Specifications: Product Status and SupportThe receiver system shall be comprised of standard catalog items produced and supported by the manufacture. A minimum of one year hardware and software warranty, maintenance and support contract shall be included with the receiver systems purchase. Additional options to extend this warranty support for additional years. It shall be possible to extend the hardware and software maintenance on an annual basis.  Mechanical, Power, and Environment RequirementsThe receiver system must be capable of standard 19" rack mounting. If the receiver system utilizes multiple chassis all interconnections, hardware and software must be supplied so it functions as a single system.All components of the receiver system must be capable of operating with line voltage of between 100V and 240V, and 50Hz to 60Hz. It shall be capable of operating over an environment temperature range of at least 0 - 50 degrees centigrade and 10 - 95% humidity. Signal Input and Data RatesThe receiver shall accept Radio Frequency (RF) signals on a 50 ohm impedance coaxial input in the intermediate frequency range between 50 and 90 MHz and at levels between -10 and -60 dBm. The receiver system shall be capable of receiving and processing telemetry with symbol rates between 100 sps and 20 Msps. Signal AcquisitionThe receiver shall use frequency analysis to search, detect and acquire signals in any plus or minus 250 kHz band about a nominal expected signal frequency specified by the user. Following signal lock acquisition the receiver shall be capable of following Doppler shifted signals at a rates of

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