Federal contract opportunity N00173-14-R-SE01 for research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences (except biotechnology) at Office of Naval Research Naval Research Laboratory/STENNIS, response was due Jun 23, 2014.

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The purpose of this change notice is to announce posting of Amendment 0003 to answer questions from potential offerors.

The purpose of this change notice is to announce posting of Amendment 0002 to revise the RFP reference in Section L-2 of the solicitation.

The purpose of this change notice is to announce posting of Amendment 0001 to answer questions from potential offerors.

The Amendment 0001 posting includes an attachment revising Section M-2-1 - Evaluation of Technical Proposal; Factor 3- MANAGEMENT ABILITY.

The amendment also includes revision 1 to Attachment (2) Personnel Requirements as a seperate attachment.

The purpose of this change notice is to announce posting of the solicitation with attachments.

The purpose of this change notice is to change the secondary point of contract.

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has a requirement for systems research, development and integration as it relates to Space Science Research, Development and Engineering efforts for Space Instruments and Experimental Payloads (SSIEP).


The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is the Navy's corporate laboratory for conducting basic and applied research in the space sciences. The NRL Space Science Division conducts a broad-spectrum of RDT&E programs in solar-terrestrial physics, astrophysics, upper/ middle atmospheric science, and astronomy. Instruments to be flown on satellites, sounding rockets and balloons, and ground-based facilities and mathematical models are conceived and developed. Researchers apply these instruments and other capabilities to the study of the atmospheres of the Sun and Earth, including solar activity and its effects on the Earth's ionosphere, upper atmosphere, and middle atmosphere; laboratory astrophysics; and the unique physics and properties of celestial sources. The science is important to orbital tracking, radio communications, and navigation that affect the operation of ships and aircraft, utilization of the near-space and space environment of the Earth, and the fundamental understanding of natural radiation and geophysical phenomena.

Scope: Specifically the purpose of the requirement is to acquire the personnel, equipment and facilities necessary to perform instrument systems engineering efforts pursuant to the design, development, analysis, fabrication, assembly, integration, testing and documentation of sophisticated Space Science instruments and experimental payloads.

More specifically, the work required under this solicitation primarily deals with advanced efforts in the following functions:

Research & Development Engineering Functions
Hardware Fabrication and Testing, Inspection, Assembly, and Integration
Mission Assurance

The solicitation and a detailed statement of work, personnel qualifications and other supporting information including contract data requirements will be posted approximately 15 days from the posting of this notice.

Based on a survey of the market, the government has determined that the services to be acquired do not meet the definition of a commercial item. Therefore, the government does not intend to use the procedures as outlined in FAR Part 12 for this acquisition.

It is anticipated that a Cost Plus Fixed-Fee - Term type contract with a base 12-month period of performance and (4) four 12-month option years will be awarded as a result of the solicitation.

The current contract, N00173-09-C-2003, was awarded to ATK Space Systems, Inc. (ATK).

NRL uses Electronic Commerce (EC) to issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and amendments to RFPs. Paper copies of the RFP will not be provided. The actual closing date for proposals will be stated in the solicitation when issued.

This solicitation is under full & open competition. All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation, which shall be considered by the agency.

Other business opportunities for NRL are available at our website: http://heron.nrl.navy.mil/rfplist.htm.

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Amendment 3 14RSE01_Amendment_0003.pdf Amendment 0003 - Questions & Answers
Amendment 3 Attachment_4_costprice_template_Rev_1.xlsx Section J, Attachment 4 - Revision 1
Amendment 2 14RSE01_Amendment_0002.pdf Amendment 0002
Amendment 1 14RSE01_Amendment_0001.pdf Amendment 0001 with Attachment
Amendment 1 14RSE01_Attachment_2_-_Revision_1.pdf Attachment (2) Personnel Qualifications/Requirements - Revision 1
Solicitation 1 #2 N00173-14-R-SE01.pdf Solicitation with Section J Attachments (1) and (2)
Solicitation 1 Attachment_4_costprice_template.xlsx Solicitation Attachment (4)
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