Federal contract opportunity HSCG38-11-Q-100009 for NSN 1630-01-023-6722 at United States Coast Guard (USCG) Commanding Officer, USCG Aviation Logistics Center, response was due Jan 13, 2011.

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This is a combined synopsis/solicitation seeking Firm Fixed Price (FFP) quotes for commercial aircraft component repair services prepared in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. In the alternative, Test, Teardown, and Evaluation with estimated repair cost Not-to-Exceed (NTE) quotes may be submitted for consideration. The purpose of this solicitation is to determine the best value to the government with regard to repair or overhaul of an aircraft component(s). This announcement constitutes the only solicitation and no other solicitation document will be issued. Request for Quotation (RFQ) number HSCG38-11-Q-010009 is assigned for tracking purposes only. The incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through the current Federal Acquisition Regulations. Using Simplified Acquisition Procedures, the USCG Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) intends to award a repair purchase order to a capable small business repair vendor (having been deemed capable by USCG ALC MRS Engineering). Capable and Responsible Vendors in legal possession of necessary OEM Repair Data may offer a quote for consideration. Firm-Fixed-Price quotes will be evaluated based on a low cost technically acceptable basis. Any Not-To-Exceed quotes received will be weighed against Firm-Fixed-Price Quotes by being evaluated based on best value to the government and a Not-To-Exceed proposed average estimated repair cost plus a maximum economical repair cost. Quantities provided are estimated quantities. Failure of the government to purchase services for any of the line items in the amounts or quantities described in the schedule of supplies/services will not entitle the contractor to any equitable adjustment in price. FAR Parts 52.216-19 (Order Limitations) and 52.216-21 (Requirements) are applicable when and as determined necessary by the government. This is a SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE. This solicitation is for the repair of an HU-25 Aircraft Component/Part(s):

1. Repair of NSN: 1630-01-023-6722, VALVE, SKID CONTROL, P/N 9542732-2
Estimated Quantity to be repaired is 10 each (subject to increase).

Repairs must be completed IAW CMM 32-44-10 Latest Revision DEC 4/86.

The applicable intended COMMERCIAL ADDENDA, applicable alternative NOT-TO-EXCEED ADDENDA and the FFP-NTE COMB SYNP-SOL Quote Evaluation Process Statement are provided for vendor review as separate attachments to this combined synopsis/solicitation as posted at www.fbo.gov.

Closing date and time for receipt of offers is JANUARY 13, 2011 4:00 PM, EST. All responsible sources may submit an offer, which shall be considered by the Agency. Award will be based on overall best value to the government. Anticipated award date is on or about JANUARY 14, 2011 with an anticipated Required Delivery Date of JANUARY 31, 2011. Contact Mr. Terence L. Blucker, Purchasing Agent / Contracting Officer via email at Terence.L.Blucker@uscg.mil with any questions regarding this solicitation. Quotes will be accepted via e-mail at the above address, or attention to Mr. Blucker at the following address:

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Unspecified FY11-FBO-MRS-REPAIR-INFO-PACKAGE.pdf Solicitation Information Packet to include Sample Addendas, Evaluation Proc...