Federal contract opportunity HSCG40-11-Q-20126 for NSN 5998-01-169-4386 at United States Coast Guard (USCG) USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Procurement Branch 1, response was due Jan 14, 2011.

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The USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center, Medium Endurance Cutter Product Line, has a requirement to Open, Inspect, Provide an Inspection Report, and Repair the following items:

(1) NSN 5998-01-169-4386; Throttle Level Interface PC Board / Circuit Card Assembly; Ogden Manufacturing P/N 4900A5315-1; 15 EA

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for a commercial item prepared in accordance with the format outlined in FAR Subpart 12.6, FAC 2005-47 (DEC 2010), and as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. Quotations are being requested, and a written solicitation will not be issued. The NAICS code for this solicitation is 811219 and the Small Business Size Standard is $7.0 million. Concerns having the expertise and required capabilities to repair these items in accordance with Enclosure 1 are invited to submit complete information discussing the same. The resultant purchase order will be awarded using simplified acquisition procedures in accordance with FAR Part 13.

Quotes may be submitted by email to Bryan.D.Petersen@uscg.mil and must include the following information:


(1) NSN 5998-01-169-4386 Quantity: 15 EA

a. Open, Inspect, Report Charge per Item:
$ ______________________
(Use criteria in Enclosure 1, R-400-299-J. This price shall also be the price the Government will be obligated to pay if any chassis is determined to be beyond economical repair.)

b. Preservation, Packaging, and Marking: $ _______________________
(This charge shall be the charge the Government shall be obligated to pay for preservation, packaging, and marking as outlined in Enclosures 1 & 2.

c. Labor Rate for Repairs: $ ______________________

d. Shipping Cost / Item (If your Quote is FOB Origin): $ ____________


e. Firm Fixed Priced Repair Cost Per Item:
$ _____________________
(Use criteria in Enclosure 1, R-400-299-J).

NOTE: A Department of Labor Wage Rate Determination will be incorporated in the resultant Purchase Order.

II. DELIVERY SCHEDULE - The delivery schedule shall be as follows:

Delivery of repaired items shall be to USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center, Bldg. 88 Receiving Room, Baltimore, MD 21226-5000. Repaired items will be packaged, marked, and bar-coded IAW Enclosures (1) and (2).

Inspection Report(s) - 21 calendar days from the date Government-Furnished Material is received at the Contractor's facility.*

Coast Guard Review - 14 calendar days after receipt of Inspection Reports.

Repair Items (when authorized) - 45 calendar days after receipt of Contracting Officer's authorization to proceed.*

*The Coast Guard has an urgent requirement for 5 assemblies to be repaired and delivered to the Coast Guard by 2/15/11. If possible, the Coast Guard requests 5 repaired assemblies be delivered by 2/15/11.

III. TEST AND INSPECTION REPORTS shall be submitted in accordance with Enclosure 1, Specification R-400-299-J.


Award shall be made without discussions unless the Contracting Officer determines discussions are necessary. Quotations received in response to this synopsis/solicitation shall be evaluated on a best value basis utilizing the following factors, listed in descending order of precedence:

(a) Technical Capability of Firm to Accomplish Inspections and Repairs*

(b) Estimated Open, Inspect, Report, and Repair Costs (including transportation)

(c) Past Performance

(d) Delivery.
The Coast Guard has a requirement for 5 repaired assemblies by 2/15/11. Those companies with the capability to repair and deliver 5 assemblies by 2/15/11 will be ranked higher on this factor.

*Coast Guard reserves the right to inspect repair facilities to ensure companies have the resources and capability to repair the items.


The following FAR provisions apply to this solicitation. FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items (June 2008); FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items (Aug 2009) with Alternate I. Offeror(s) must include a completed copy of FAR 52.212-3 with their quote. The Offeror shall supply at least three (3) contracts completed during the past three years or currently in process for the same services as are being solicited under this solicitation. Contracts listed may include those entered into by the Federal Government, agencies of the state and local governments, foreign governments, and commercial customers. The Offeror shall provide include past performance information for any major subcontractor and must be relevant to the scope of work they may perform under the contract resulting from this solicitation. References other than those provided by the Offeror may be contacted by the Government to obtain additional information that shall be used in the evaluation of the offeror's past performance. The Government may waive the submission of past performance information by the offeror if adequate data already exists on file within this office.

The following FAR Clauses apply to this solicitation. Offerors may obtain full text versions of these clauses electronically at www.arnet.gov; FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial Items (June 2010); FAR 52.212-5, Contract Terms & Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-Commercial Items (July 2010). The following clauses listed within FAR 52.212-5 are applicable:

FAR 52.219-28, Post Award Small Business Program Representation (Apr 2009)(15 U.S.C. 632 (a) (2));
FAR 52.222-3, Convict Labor (Jun 2003)(E.O. 11755);
FAR 52.222-19 Child Labor-Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies (July 2010)(E.O. 13126);
FAR 52.222-21, Prohibition of Segregated Facilities (Feb 1999);
FAR 52.222-26. Eqia; P[[prtimotu )<ar 2007)(E.O. 11246)
FAR 52.225-1 Buy American Act - Supplies (Feb 2009);
FAR 52.225-13, Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases (Jun 2008);
FAR 52.232-33, Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer-Central Contractor Registration (Oct 2003) (31 U.S.C. 3332);
FAR 52.222-41, Service Contract Act of 1965 (Nov 2007) (41 U.S.C. 351, et seq.);
FAR 52.222-42, Statement of Equivalent Rates for Federal Hires (May 1989) (29 U.S.C. 206 and 41 U.S.C. 351, et seq.)

VI. All responsible sources may submit a quotation, which if timely received, shall be considered by the Agency. Companies must have a valid DUNS number and be registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and shall provide the company Tax Information Number (TIN) with their offer.

NOTICE FOR FILING AGENCY PROTESTS - United States Coast Guard Ombudsman Program

It is the policy of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to issue solicitations and make contract awards in a fair and timely manner. The Ombudsman Program for Agency Protests (OPAP) was established to investigate agency protest issues and resolve them without expensive and time-consuming litigation. OPAP is an independent reviewing authority that is empowered to grant a prevailing protester essentially the same relief as the General Accountability Office (GAO).

Interested parties are encouraged to seek resolution of their concerns within the USCG as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) forum, rather than filing a protest with the GAO or some external forum. Interested parties may seek resolution of their concerns informally or opt to file a formal agency protest with the contracting officer or Ombudsman.

Informal forum with the Ombudsman. Interested parties who believe a specific USCG procurement is unfair or otherwise defective should first direct their concerns to the cognizant contracting officer. If the contracting officer is unable to satisfy the concerns, the interested party is encouraged to contact the USCG Ombudsman for Agency Protests. Under this informal process, the agency is not required to suspend contract award performance. Use of an informal forum does not suspend any time requirement for filing a protest with the agency or other forum. In order to ensure a timely response, interested parties should provide the following information to the Ombudsman: solicitation/contract number, contracting office, contracting officer, and solicitation closing date (if applicable).

Formal Agency Protest with the Ombudsman. Prior to submitting a formal agency protest, protesters must first use their best efforts to resolve their concerns with the contracting officer through open and frank discussions. If the protester's concerns are unresolved, an independent review is available by the Ombudsman. The protester may file a formal agency protest to either the contracting officer or as an alternative to that, the Ombudsman under the OPAP program. Contract award or performance will be suspended during the protest period unless contract award or performance is justified, in writing, for urgent and compelling reasons or is determined in writing to be in the best interest of the Government. The agency's goal is to resolve protests in less than 35 calendar days from the date of filing. Protests shall include the information set forth in FAR 33.103. If the protester fails to submit the required information, resolution of the protest may be delayed or the protest may be dismissed. This will not preclude re-filing of the protest to meet the requirement. To be timely, protests must be filed within the period specified in FAR 33.103(e). Formal protests filed under the OPAP program should be submitted to: Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard (CG-9131), Ombudsman Program for Agency Protests, 1900 Half Street, SW, Room 11-0602, Washington, D. C. 20593-0001, FAX: 202.475.3904. The Ombudsman Hotline telephone number is 202.372.3695.


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