Federal contract opportunity 1044-0S2506 for all other telecommunications at Office of Acquisitions Acquisition Management.

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In compliance with the transparency and accountability requirements associated with the supplemental appropriations provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Pub L 111-5, THIS NOTICE IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY.  In accordance with FAR 5.704, Publicizing, the Government posts this notice of intent to issue a modification to an existing Department of State contract; SAQMMA09C0187 with Harris IT Services Corporation DBA Multimax; 21000 Atlantic Boulevard, Suite 300, Dulles, VA 20166.

The project description is as follows:  develops, installs, conducts training for, and supports the hardware, software and infrastructure for automated systems that support the mission.  Specific task requirements that fall under these activities that support the mission are program management; help desk support; integration and repair facility and installation and training for Foreign Service Posts and Passport offices.

The contract was competitively awarded to Harris IT Services.  A portion of the contract is fixed price and includes time and material line items.  The rationale for using other than a fixed-price approach is that the level of effort for the required IT services depended on variables that were not known prior to contract award and neither the Government nor the Contractor were able to estimate the extent or duration of the work with any reasonable degree of confidence.  Because of the uncertainty of the work, a firm fixed price contract could not be reasonably negotiated in its entirety.  A portion of the contract was awarded as time and material due to the activities required to support the mission.

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