Federal contract opportunity FA8217-11-R-72515 for all other telecommunications at Air Force Materiel Command AFLCMC / AFSC / AFNWC - HILL AFB, response was due Apr 8, 2011.

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Q: Regarding the latest TEP pricing sheet. Should the attachment 2 CLINs be 0004AA and AB, vice, 0005AA and AB?
Do you want pricing from Boston or can we submit prices from the location of our facility?

A: Yes, on attachment 2 of the TEP it should state CLINs 0004AA and AB and not 0005AA and AB. The prices need to come from the location the Contractor plans to use for this requirement. 

Questions/Answers: *please notice the change in all CAPS below, to a question asked previously.

Q: CLIN 0001 shows a U/I of "MO" and a Qty of "1". The labor costs associated with this CLIN are based on annual salaries and wages associated with our employees agreements. Should we change the QTY to 12 in the QTY column, which is 1/12 of the yearly labor costs. And accordingly, in the "Unit price/Cost" column reflect 1/12 of the cost for CLIN 0001?

A: This is for an IDIQ, so the quantity is in increments of "1" and is to be priced as such. In addition a month means the total price to complete 1 month of CLIN 0001.

Q: As a follow-on to: Q: GFM does not include shelving, forklift, pallet jacks, or ladders/pickers. So do we assume that we price to provide such items along with the labor needed to move material from the incumbent's shelving/cabinets during transition if he will not sell those items, now in use at the warehouse, for industry standard price?
Gov't Answer: "Bidders need to price shelving, forklift, pallet jack, ladders etc. All equipment that contractor feels they would need to manage a warehouse. This equipment will become the property of the Air Force. Transportation costs for equipment shipped form current warehouse will be paid via the current contract. Once equipment arrives at new location it will be the awardees responsibility to unpack and maintain."

Q: For warehousing support there will be reoccurring and non-reoccurring costs. Non-reoccurring costs being defined as those asset the contractor purchases at contract start-up to outfit the warehouse (shelving, forklift, pallet jack, ladders etc. All equipment that contractor feels they would need to manage a warehouse ). These assets will become government furnished property and will be added to the appropriate existing TDC GFP list. As "Other Direct Cost" (ODCs) should these costs be entered in CLIN 0004 and itemized in a new worksheet in the TEP worksheet?

A: The government is not requiring a warehouse; that is a business decision. All costs associated with CLIN 0001 must be included in the unit price for CLIN 0001. The government is not guaranteeing lease costs or even more than the minimum order. That is a business decision.

Q: Non-reoccurring costs would include primarily lease costs, utilities, and other monthly expenses to support the PWS warehouse operations. Should these "Other Direct Costs" (ODCs) also be entered in CLIN 0004 and itemized in a new worksheet in the TEP worksheet.

A: No, those are part of CLIN 0001 should you decide to provide a warehouse.
Q: For the non-recurring assets costs listed in the question above we will add those assets to the appropriate GFP list. Page 53 of the solicitation has a paragraph titled "GFP and/or Base Support Requirements"; which proposal volume would you like this information entered? Costs of the assets will be in Volume III, do you want the itemized list minus costs in Volume IV as well?

A: No, those will not be GFP; again all costs associated with CLIN 0001 must be priced at the CLIN level. If you think you need GFP, the contractor needs to identify in the appropriate paragraph of the solicitation.

Q: On page 52 of the solicitation, the instructions for Volume IV - Contract Documentation, states "The purpose of this volume is to provide information to the Government for preparing the contract document and supporting file. The offerors proposal shall include a copy of the completed model contract." Since instructions for Volume III state that cost information should not be included elsewhere in the proposal, should the contractor include a completed Section B and TEP worksheet in the model contract? Are we correct to assume that this model contract does not include sections L and M from the solicitation?

A: Yes, the completed Section B and TEP worksheet can be in the model contract. Yes, the model contract does not include Sections L&M.

Q: On page 52 of the solicitation, under the Volume IV - Contract Documentation section, paragraph labeled "Schedule A, and C through M" instructs offeror to read the entire RFP and complete all fill-ins.

a. Is the term "Schedule" interchangeable with the term "Section" in the solicitation when referring to sections of the contract or solicitation?

A: Yes

b. We have read the entire RFP and all the amendments and we will state in Volume III that exceptions taken to the terms and conditions of the Solicitation. In our model contract in Volume IV we will fill in all fill-in sections of the solicitation which consists of Solicitation and model contract section K, section B, the TEP worksheet. Will this meet the requirements of this instruction or does the government want duplicate Schedule/Section A, and C through M place in Volume IV?

A: As long as ALL sections are included in the proposal, one copy will suffice. Simply indicate where the item can be located.

Q: Could the government identify what specifically they are requesting by "man-month to month conversation factors" required per page 52 "Basis of Estimate (BOE) instructions.

A: The government is requiring a unit price for the complete service month, not on a per person basis. The BOEs need to be in sufficient detail to track back to the unit price.

Q: Reference the DD-254 included with the RFP documents. Box 6, the solicitation number as well as the date do not match this solicitation. The document was sent as a PDF with the Contracting Officer's signature included. Please advise how the Government would like us to submit the DD-254 for this solicitation. Will an updated version be provided?

A: Box 6 of the DD254 will not be completed until the contract has been awarded. The DD254 tells the Contractor what type of clearance is required for this requirement. The Contractor needs to make sure they meet the clearance required for the solicitation. An updated version will be provided at time of award.



Questions and Answers:

Q: Reference PWS 3.1.1., "USAF Quality Assurance Personnel (QAP) shall approve any overtime request in writing, prior to any overtime work being performed as referenced in paragraph 3.2.2." Since labor is a firm-fixed price item, what level of overtime support (labor hours, weeks, etc.) does the Government want the contractor to price? Or instead, is it the Government's intention to modify the contract for each instance where overtime support is required?

A: Government estimates that overtime is rare. If any overtime support is required outside of the PPP a modification shall be required along with QAP approval.

Q: Reference PWS 3.8.1, "the contractor shall, when required and approved by the QAP, travel to user's location to provide on-site technical assistance for technical issues, and/or trouble shooting of problems encountered. These services can be in deployed locations in conjunction with user exercises or real world contingencies." Since labor is a firm-fixed price, what level of overseas support (labor hours, weeks, etc.) does the Government want the contractor to price overseas support? Or instead, is it the Government's intention to modify the contract for every instance where labor support to deployed locations is required?

A: Same as above. Government estimates that deployments and travel are rare. Travel is cost reimbursable. Government will mod the contract on TRAVEL CLIN if the need arises during the contract.

Q: On the spares portion of the TEP workbook, request additional information for the line items listed.

Line S535 - N/A Electronics Case A2 - Do you require a fully load A2 case, or an A2 Electronic case fully harness with the rear panels, but no LRU's? Please advise.

A: The part number for the Electronics Case A2 is 5-B78632-1. The Government will update TEP in amendment 07 of the RFP.

Line S536 - N/A HPA Mounting Hardware - Please be more specific regarding the hardware. Which pieces of hardware do you require? Screws? Handles?

A: The Government will update TEP to say "RESERVED" in amendment 07 of the RFP. It is simple hardware.

Line S538 - Replacement Roll Pin for Transit Case - The information that we have received from L3 Narda indicates that they do not sell this item. Please advise.

A: The Government will update TEP to say "RESERVED" in amendment 07 of the RFP. It is simple generic Pin.



Questions and Answers:

Q: On the TEP spares worksheet, if an item is marked RESERVED it is our understanding that we do not need to provide an estimate of cost and that we will not need to supply the item. Is that correct?

A: Do not need to provide estimate on any RESERVED spaces. At this time and at time of award, item does not need to be supplied by the contractor. After contract award and during the performance of the
contract, if the item is required then a new quote will be requested by the Government at that time.

Q: In the Computer Equipment.xls barcode software and scanner is listed on lines 6 & 43. Can we assume that all TDC inventory has been barcoded and scanned into a database? Will this database be delivered to the awarded contractor?

A: The Bar Code scanners were requested by the current contractor to improve their inventory tracking system, they did not use them; the database they are using does not have barcode information stored in it. The software for the Database will be included to the awarded contractor.

Q: Will a barcode printer be delivered with the equipment?

A: There is no Barcode printer in the current inventory.

Q: Request clarification of spare items on the TEP spreadsheet.

A: See updated TEP spreadsheet in amendment 6 of the RFP for items S034, S035, S057, S058, S059, S083, S091, S160, S168, S187, S188, S189, S190, S191, S192, S193, S198, S199, S211, S227, S230, S236, S252, S256, S257, S258, S259, S265, S269, S271, S272, S296, S299, S344, S345, S349, S353, S361, S383, S395, S430, S432, S457, S461, S554, S555, S569.

S081 - email lori@sydsoutpost.com for quote
S085 - Need to do suitable sub research
S086 - Need to do suitable sub research
S102 - Need to do suitable sub research
S367 - email lori@sydsoutpost.com for quote
S368 - email lori@sydsoutpost.com for quote
S560 - email lori@sydsoutpost.com for quote
S564 - email lori@sydsoutpost.com for quote
S565 - email lori@sydsoutpost.com for quote
LHGXA - This is the OEM, no quote needs to be provided for the OEM.


Questions and AnswersQ: Spare parts replacement: Will the vendor be allowed to make batch purchases?

A: Only when advantageous to the gov and approved by the CO/QAP

Q: Are refurbished items required to be listed as refurbished?

A: Please provide more information. In order for the contractor to purchase refurbished equipment, it must first be approved by the CO/QAP.

Q: Price sheet concern: One vendor will not release pricing information without authorization from GD or the Air Force. Will the Air Force or GD give permission to provide pricing information to vendors?

A: Please provide part number(s) of affected items for review.

Q: Repair/replacement cost reimbursement: Is the vendor permitted to include administrative costs for processing repair/replacement actions?

A: That is a business decision. The Contractor needs to decide if and where they would put the costs associated for repair/replacement.

Q: Item 5.c. on page 9 of the PWS indicates the Government is providing Computer Equipment and attachment three lists laptops and desktops as well as associated hardware and software. Is this equipment intended for Helpdesk, shipping, receiving, and inventory management operation and usage? If so, will the Government be responsible for upkeep, refurbishment, replacement, etc of the equipment? If it is not intended for Helpdesk operation and execution, what is it's intended function?

A: Yes the Government is responsible for the hardware upkeep and replacement of GFE under this contract. It is intended to assist in the Helpdesk operation and execution of this contract.



Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the name of the help desk software that the current contractor is using to track Incident Reports (IR/trouble tickets)? What knowledge base software is currently being used by the current contractor to document the best practices and solutions to common support problems and troubleshooting actions? Will that knowledge database of information transfer to the new contractor after contract award?

A: There is no specific Software being used to track IR/trouble tickets by the current contractor. Troubleshooting actions are delivered to the government in a spreadsheet format. The current contractor is using a government supplied database called Core Partners Inc. to track inventory. No historical knowledge base will be transferred with a new contract.

Q: On the equipment list, line S552 - DMD20 = Universal DSCS SAT Modem Please provide additional specifications to include the interface needed, data rate, what type of front panel connectors, what TX/RX configuration, is it for a full duplex Lband, Turbo or LDPC (what data rate), CNC (what data rate), 8PSK, any other software, IBS, Sequential etc.

.DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier bandwidth compression
.2.4 kbps to 20 Mbps, 1 bps Steps
.FEC - Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, Sequential, Trellis, Turbo Product Code, Low Density Parity Check Code
.Configuration, Monitor and Control Features Fully User-Programmable
.Excellent Spurious Performance
.Fully Compliant with IESS 308/309/310/314/315
.Optional DVB to EN301-210 and EN300-421
.Industry-standard Universal Interface Module
.Fast Acquisition
.50 to 90 MHz and 100 to 180 MHz IF, and 950 to 2050 MHz L-Band in 1 Hz Steps
.Standard Features Include: Reed-Solomon, Asynchronous Overhead, Satellite Control Channel and Automatic Uplink Power Control
If more information is required please search online for Spec Sheet.

Q: On the equipment list, part numbers and part descriptions do not match for the following line items. Please confirm part numbers and provide more detailed part descriptions.

S269 - AM6366 = DB 25 TO TRIAXLE CABLE
Answer: AM6366 = DB 25 TO TRIAXLE CABLE...vendor is GDC4S

S270 - PL-102A = KG-175 CIK
Answer: This item has been removed on the updated TEP workbook under the last amendment to the RFP dated 8 March 2011.

S271 - 01-P43333D004 = 48 VOLT POWER SUPPLY
Answer: 48 VOLT POWER SUPPLY...vendor is N.E.T. Federal

Answer: 15IDU28100TX8T1RS = INDOOR UNIT FIBERAIR 1528...vendor is Ceragon

S273 - AM6400 = BLACKSIDE 1/0 CABLE
These items have been removed on the updated TEP workbook under the last amendment to the RFP dated 8 March 2011.

Q: Is the work included in the PWS currently under one NETCENTS task order or is it under a combination or a multiple number of task orders?

A: One task order under netcents.





Q: Are there any records of the number of calls fielded by the TDC help desk in a given year?

A: Below are the number of IRs for the Task Orders (T.O.) listed.
T.O. 4144 (July 2007 to July 2008) had 1662 incidents
T.O. 5144 (July 2008 to July 2009) had 1178 incidents
T.O. 6144 (July 2009 t0 July 2010) had 935 incidents
T.O. 0089 (Jun 2010 to current) had 500 incidents

Q: The Performance Work Statement and the Request For Proposal specifically require offerors to address "make or buy decisions" and "capital investment considerations" in the Transition Plan. We are also to use CDRL A010, DID DI-MGMT-80790, and DoD 4245.7-M to guide our response regarding these two topics. It is our understanding and experience that DoD 4245.7-M is guidance to be used to minimize risks when transitioning between acquisition lifecycle phases that apply primarily to development and acquisition of weapon systems. It is our assertion that the scope of work for the TDC contract does not involve development, production, or manufacturing. We also assert that modernization and improvements of factory operations is not within the scope of work.

Is it the government's intention that offerors address "make or buy decisions" and "capital investment considerations" in the Transition Plan using the context and guidance provided in DoD 4245.7-M?
If it is not the government's intention, then can you provide us an example for how you would like offerors to address these issues?
If the government cannot provide examples, would a general discussion of these issues in a generic context, i.e., financial considerations that increase/decrease risk, be acceptable to the government?

A: The PWS Section 7.1 and CDRL A010 have been updated on amendment 5 of the RFP.

Q: Reference Attachment 1 - TDC Equipment. About half way through the long list of equipment items, there is a line that reads:

SN: blank
QTY: 8,220

Please provide additional description of these 8,220 items. If the items are small piece parts (bolts, screws, small hand held tools, etc.) please advise how the government would like the awardee to properly account for these items during the inventory transition from the incumbent contractor?

A: The TEP has been updated to remove this from the list on amendment 5 of the RFP.


Q: Can verifiable resumes with extensive TDC experience be submitted in lieu of contract numbers referencing telecommunications experience.

A: You may submit any supporting data that is traceable evidence of experience.

Q: Regarding the spares parts price listing, we have contacted a number of the vendors that are listed on the spare parts list and we have been told that some of these part numbers no longer exists. Is there a list with other vendors that may have an updated parts number listing?

A: We are updating the known obsolete parts and will post an amendment to the RFP. Should there be others, please identify the obsolete parts and we will research.

Q: Multiple questions regarding duplication on Spares Part Numbers and Descriptions on the TEP.

A: The RFP has been amended to reflect the changes to TEP for the Spares. ELINs that have been modified are: S009, S016, S107, S173, S197, S264, S337, S393, S394, S431, and S553.

Q: Need specs or a contact with the supplier that is familiar with these items on the Spares Worksheet. ELINs S069, S095, S168, S371, and S372.

A: S069, Email lseymour@massmachine.com (781) 467-3550
S095, Technology Advancement Group www.tag.com
S168, 61 Main Street Winthrop, Me 04364 (207) 377-3125
S371 and S372, 224 Ash St. Reading, MA (781) 942-5856

Q: For one item related to the repairs example (Attachment 2 - TDC Sample Pricing Worksheet):
Line item GPS SYNC Server - under the problem it says "no corrective action taken NPF". Request clarification and more detailed information on the repair problem to make a more accurate estimate of costs to repair?

A: The example shows an equipment item that was sent in from the field to the depot. The depot in turn sent it to the OEM for evaluation. OEM performed the evaluation with the results of no problem were found with the equipment. The OEM will still charge for an evaluation fee to troubleshoot the equipment. The Government is looking for the price of the OEM fee for this example.

Q: Reference Historical TDC Repair data spreadsheet. Line items include part name, part number and description. In many cases, the part number of the repair is identical to the description of the repair. In order to better access repair volumes and the types of repairs that we can expect, please provide a more detailed description of each repair along with the frequency of each repair, over the previous 3 years, to assist with repair trend analysis.

A: Repairs are CRNF. Contractors shall be reimbursed for repair items.

Q: Reference Attachment 1 - TDC Spares Pricing Worksheet - understand that refurbished equipment is acceptable after approval of the Government QAP during contract implementation. In the part number/description column on this worksheet, some line items are marked refurbished; some do not say refurbished. We have found many items that are not listed as refurbished on the worksheet that we can purchase refurbished which will result in lower pricing. For proposal pricing purposes, does the Government request that we obtain refurbished equipment pricing in all cases or instead, to only provide spares price quotes for refurbished items when the description says "refurbed"?

A: The Contractor can price spares at either new or refurbished. If the only parts that can be found are refurbished then that is what the Gov will need to accept.

Q: We reviewed the "shipping and Receiving History" sheet posted 17 February 2011. Is there an error in wording on group at bottom of the page under "inbound shipping"? The label for the bottom table reads "Total Number of IR-items Shipped from the Depot". That same labeling is at top of the page under outbound shipping. Should the bottom table read "received" vice "shipped"?

A: The shipping and receiving history has been updated to read correctly. Please see updated shipping and receiving attachment.

Q: Can the Technical Orders showing system breakdown be made available?

A: The Technical Orders have not been created yet. They will be made available after award of contract.

Q: The proposal file "TDC Pricing Worksheet-Attachment 1". The items listed in attachment to this email are missing correct part numbers or new part numbers where we have been told the item is obsolete. Request correct part numbers so pricing for CLIN 0003 can be completed.

A: Some of the part numbers/descriptions have been updated on the RFP amendment. The vendor listed on the Spares Attachment is a suggested source. The Government was able to google the part numbers or descriptions and find places to purchase the items.

Q: What is the "In and Out" shipping tempo or totals for the last five years?
A: Shipping totals for ONE year have been posted as an attachment labeled "Shipping Estimates" in FBO.

Questions and Answers

Q: The PWS mentioned a Web Based Program Office (PWS 3.9.4). Will the vendor be required to manage a website that resides on the military network or can it reside on the vendors .com website?
A: this will be on a .com.

Q: Web Base Program office: Will there be any data inputs from the user or is the site for viewing and accessing data and information?
A: Viewing and accessing data and information.

Q: PWS 3.2.4 (a). Will the vendor be required to have help desk technicians that are certified on EVERY item on the inventory list?
A: The technicians should be familiar with the NCC-D, ICAP, SATCOM modules and their associated kits, i.e. SPICE, ICE, etc

Questions and Answers

Q: Who is the incumbent on this project?
A:  General Dynamics Information Technology

Questions and Answers

Q: PWS para 2.1 requires contractor support of all TDC systems covered under this contract. It further states that the contractor will provide help desk support and other equipment repair, failure diagnostics, etc services on a continuing basis. From these statements coupled with information discussed at the industry day it is assumed that there are to be several operational TDC systems located at the help desk location, kept in good working condition and serviceable, for use in supporting the above requirements as well as being available for shipment to the field should (when) the need arises. (See PWS para 3.1.2) This leads to several interrelated questions.
    a. What are the nomenclatures of all the fielded TDC systems that are to be supported under this contract? Our knowledge of the equipment currently used by the Air Force includes many systems, old and newer, that can be deployed with an Air Force unit that may or may not be included for support by this contract. The inventory list included in attachment 1 provides some information but not enough to accurately define the various end item systems. So the question is what are the nomenclatures' of the various SATCOM (LMST), Integrated Communications Access Packages (ICAP), and Network Management System/Base Information Protection (NMS/BIP) systems supported by this contract?

    A: During the industry day conversations it was stated that we wanted folks that know the TDC systems that are currently deployed. There are not any operational TDC systems located at the help desk. Also stated during industry day was that the only systems currently at the warehouse was an Avaya used for the ICAP system.

   b. Are there various OEM's of these end item systems? i.e., did more than one company supply each of the LSMT, ICAP or NMS/BIP systems?

   A: I'm not sure how this will help.
What is expected is that the contractor will be responsible to maintain all the TDC equipment housed by the current contractor. Failed equipment is to be sent out for repair with replacement parts from maintained TDC equipment sent out to the field as required. There will be an Avaya system used for ICAP troubleshooting provided identified as GFE.

   c. Are there various OEM's of these end item systems? i.e., did more than one company supply each of the LSMT, ICAP or NMS/BIP systems?

   A: Yes

Q: Attachment (1) does not give dimensions and weight of items. This makes warehouse arrangement/estimate for actual storage space difficult. How much of the 25000 square feet is storage and how much is administrative?
A: A current facility structure has been added as one of the attachments in FBO.

Q: GFM does not include shelving, forklift, pallet jacks, or ladders/pickers. So do we assume that we price to provide such items along with the labor needed to move material from the incumbent's shelving/cabinets during transition if he will not sell those items, now in use at the warehouse, for industry standard price?
A: Bidders need to price shelving, forklift, pallet jack, ladders etc. All equipment that contractor feels they would need to manage a warehouse. This equipment will become the property of the Air Force. Transportation costs for equipment shipped form current warehouse will be paid via the current contract. Once equipment arrives at new location it will be the awardees responsibility to unpack and maintain.

Q: If we decide to relocate warehouse during the transition period, to a lower cost site, who would pay for the shipping of the GFM/GFE to new site?
A: As was stated at Industry day, the relocation of items from current warehouse to a new location if required will be borne by the current contract holder. GDIT (Current contractor) will be required to package and ship equipment to awardees new location. Once equipment arrives at awardees site it will be the awardees responsibility to unpack, shelve and maintain equipment.

Q: Is the incumbent contractor obligated under the existing contract to cooperate with us during the transition period as referenced in paragraph 7.1 of the PWS dated 24 Jan 2011?
A: No, the only communication between incumbent and awardee will be through the government.

Q: Is the material that is listed on the equipment list that says awaiting DRMO going to be disposed of before contract award or will it be included with the inventory transfer?

A: There may be some equipment that comes from the incumbent that must be sent to DRMO depending on when it arrives to the depot.

Q: Do any of the equipment/spares need to be certified as hazardous material for shipment or storage?

A: The only possible hazardous piece of equipment would be the Traveling Wave Tube Assembly (TWTA). The TWTA resides inside various High Power Amplifiers (HPA). The part number of the HPA itself, along with any TWTA may vary, as can the manufacturers of both/either tubes or amplifiers. The TWTA may be considered hazardous if crushed. USAF field units send suspected faulty HPAs to the depot for repairs. The depot then sends the HPAs to various OEMs for repair actions. If the HPA is identified as being beyond economical repair, then we have the OEM properly dispose of the TWTA through HAZMAT-certified organizations and the Government pays for the disposal. Because the TWTA is sealed and the seal is never broken while in use or shipping, the current depot has not encountered any regulations or directives indicating that there is a need for special handling and it is not considered a shipping or storage hazard.

HPAs currently at the Dept are Xicom brand and have one of the following part numbers:

305-0125-010, 305-0125-006, 305-0125-010E, 305-0125-006E, 305-0203-111, 305-0203-112, 305-0203-113, 305-0203-114, 305-0224-008, 305-0224-010,
305-0224-012, 305-0224-013, 305-0345-029, 305-0345-012

Q: Is there any list for the equipment/spares that gives weights and dimensions?

A: Government does not possess any list.

Q: Is IMDS/REMIS training to be provided on site at the warehouse?

A: If training is not held at the awardees facility, there is a travel CLIN included in the solicitation that will be utilized.

Q: What is the required delivery timeline for material to the fleet?

A: The QAP will direct the timeline for delivery to the field.

Q: Is government transportation provided for material going to forward deployed sites or is it up to the contractor to get the material there by a commercial sources?

A: Transportation is a Cost Reimbursement No Fee CLIN, however Mil Air may also be required for shipping.

Q: What does quarantine in the location field of the equipment list designate?

A: Quarantine is a warehouse location on the current contract.

Q: Can we visit the warehouse now in use for TDC support?
A: No.

Q: CDRL 0002 asks for firm fixed pricing on items from 12 venders. Without historical data as to "Should Cost", how are we to determine that the prime venders are providing the best pricing for the government?
A: The Government knows the costs from historical and Contractor's are allowed to research different vendors for the best price.

Q: Would it be possible to meet face to face with you at Hill AFB to clarify issues.
A: In an effort to avoid favoritism, the Government will not meet with any Contractors.

Q: We understand that there is not a separate CLIN for the warehouse yet the warehouse facility is referenced in PWS sections 3.2.1, 3.3.(c) and 3.4. Will the Government provide the warehouse facility? If not, what CLIN does the Government want the contractor to account for these costs in the cost volume?

A: The warehouse facility that is referenced in PWS section 3.2.1 states the square footage of the current contract warehouse. PWS Section 3.3 (c) mentions enhancements of materials required for TDC equipment. Section 3.4 states security procedures for any facility that holds TDC equipment. The Government maintains that the contractor will sustain all GOTS equipment house via current contract for the purpose of repair/replacement to End users as required by the Government.

Q: Is the Government going to provide the succeeding contractor with the database used by the incumbent for tracking program assets?

A: Any Government owned database used in conjunction with the current TDC warehouse/helpdesk will be provided by the awardee.

Q: The worksheet entitled Attachment 1 includes all spares to be priced at the individual unit price. There are some 6,300 items in this spreadsheet. In order to price these items, the Government must provide us with the following data for all items listed: Part Number, NSN, nomenclature, most recent price data on all items, and the required threshold for spares.

A: As these are mostly COTS items, there are no NSN numbers. Contractor needs to review listing as Attachment 1 consists of less than 750 items that provides known part numbers.


Questions and Answers on Solicitation:

Q: Some of the attachments will not open in FBO.
A: If the attachments will not open, save the document to the hard drive and then you should be able to open it. If you still can not open the attachments, please email jody.lindley@hill.af.mil and they will be sent by email.

Q: I need clarification on RFP Part I, Section B, Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs. Within the Industry Day presentation (slide 14), it stated the facility would by CRNF...however it appears CLS costing for ITEM 001 in the final RFP includes the warehouse...as the warehouse is referenced in the Help Desk section of the PWS. This would make it FFP. I would like confirmation on whether the facility storage is FFP or CRNF.
A: The Final RFP is the deciding document. There is not a CLIN for the warehouse.








PR Number(s): FD20201172515Item: 0001Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

Description: Contractor Logistics Support (Helpdesk) for TheaterDeployable Communications Systems IAW the attached Performance WorkStatement dated 13 December 2010.Quantity: 1.0000 MO

Destn: TBC,, , - . Delivery: *1 Months *ARO Contract, 1.00 MO

PR Number(s): FD20201172515Item: 0002Repair Management

Description: TDC repairables. Repairables IAW TEP pricing worksheet,Attachment 2 Sample. Repair quantities ordered shall be determined atissuance of each Delivery Task Order.Quantity: 1.0000 LO

Destn: PLANT,, , . Delivery: *1 Months *ARO Written Notice of Award, 1.00 LO

PR Number(s): FD20201172515Item: 0003Spares Purchase

Description: Provide spare replacement of stock replacement of TheaterDeployable Communications equipment IAW Pricing Worksheet Attachment 1 -Spares. Quantities ordered shall be determined on each Delivery TaskOrderQuantity: 1.0000 LO

Destn: PLANT,, , . Delivery: TBC To be cited on individual orders issued hereunder, .00LO

PR Number(s): FD20201172515Item: 0004Other Direct Costs (Shipping / Travel)

Description: Shipping and Travel to support the TDC program IAW theattached Performance-Based Work.: 0.0000

PR Number(s): FD20201172515Item: 0004AAEquipment Shipping

Description: Contractor Provided Shipping of TDC Equipment IAW theattached Performance-Based Work Statement. Shipping IAW TEP Worksheet,Attachment 2 Sample.Quantity: 1.0000 LO

Destn: TBC,, , - . Delivery: TBC To be cited on individual orders issued hereunder, .00LO

Plus 0037 additional items

Duration of Contract Period: 5 Years 6 months

Electronic procedure will be used for this solicitation.


Package File Description
Unspecified Current Contractor Facility Layout.pdf Layout of the current contractor's facility
Unspecified FTP://pklunx.hill.af.mil/data/FA821711R72515______0004.RTF Not Provided
Unspecified FTP://pklunx.hill.af.mil/data/FA821711R72515______0004_TEP_28_Feb_11.xls Not Provided
Unspecified FTP://pklunx.hill.af.mil/data/FA821711R72515______0004_CDRLs_28_Feb_11.pdf Not Provided
Unspecified FTP://pklunx.hill.af.mil/data/FA821711R72515______0004_TDC_PWS_28_Feb_11.doc Not Provided
Unspecified Computer Equip.xls TDC Computer Equipment GFE
Unspecified TDC GFE Tools.xlsx TDC GFE Tools
Unspecified TDC Equipment.xlsx TDC GFE Equipment
Unspecified HISTORICAL LIST OF SPARE REPLACEMENTS.pdf Historical List of Spares Replacement
Unspecified Historical Repair Data.xlsx Historical Repair Data