Federal contract opportunity N6227113Q1107 for custom computer programming services at Naval Education and Training Command Naval Post Graduate School.

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Contractor support is required for the support and execution of DTS functions. Primary functions of the contractor include providing a Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA). The LDTA shall provide a knowledgeable and effective DTS Customer Service Help Desk, and providing continued training to all DTS users. Contract service support is needed to provide a high level of technical and functional expertise regarding DTS requirements, processes, reporting, and published guidance. Within the general constraints of DTS and travel support, there are three primary areas in which the majority of contractor tasks will originate. The contractor shall provide a cross-functional team that can deliver service in all of the primary areas listed below. 3.1 Customer Service. The contractor shall provide exceptional customer service for all NPS stakeholders (travel administrators and travelers) in the planning, execution, and post-travel submissions in accordance with DTS, Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) and Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR). 3.2 Technical Support and Training. The contractor shall possess an unparalleled level of knowledge and understanding of all DTS functions and a demonstrated ability to troubleshoot systemic problems and individual traveler issues. Additionally, the contractor shall provide training to DTS users, both travelers and travel administrators, concerning DTS functionality and technical upgrades. 3.3 Reporting. The contractor shall provide a series of standardized reports to assist in the timely processing of all travel authorizations and vouchers. Additionally, and as directed, the contractor shall generate ad hoc reports within the DTS database to support any relevant travel/financial reporting requirements or analysis efforts.