Federal contract opportunity FA5205-13-R-0005 for electrical contractors and other wiring installation contractors at Pacific Air Forces 35 CONS - Misawa.

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Formal solicitation is hereby issued (Request for Proposal (RFP) No. FA5205-13-R-0005).  The closing date and time for submission of offers as well as the date and time for pre-proposal conference is provided in the solicitation package.

This is a pre-solicitation notice issued in accordance with FAR 5.204 for the construction acquisition of project No. QKKA 11-1200P2, REPR Airfield Lighting System, Misawa Air Base, Japan. Firm Fixed Price type contract is contemplated on a basis of Japanese Yen. The work will consist of furnishing all supervision, labor, equipment, and materials necessary to perform all operation required to complete repair of airfield lighting system, Misawa AB, Japan, ready for use through replacement of taxiway edge lights, lighting cables, transformers and associated equipment, in accordance with the project specifications and drawings subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. The performance period is expected be 630 calendar days. The magnitude of this construction requirement in terms of the estimated price range stipulated in FAR 36.204(g) is between $5,000,000 / ¥412,017,500 and $10,000,000 / ¥824,035,000 at FY2013 FCFD Budget Rate of ¥82.4035 to $1.00. The solicitation is expected to be issued on or after 14 January 2013. The proposal will be due 30 days after the solicitation is issued. Pre-proposal conference/site-visit will be conducted in about one week after issuance of the solicitation in the 35th Contracting Squadron, Bldg. 656, Misawa Air Base, 1-chome, Hirahata, Misawa-shi, Aomori-ken, Japan, for explanation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) including a question and answer session and examination of the general and local conditions of the project sites. All offerors are required to attend this conference/site-visit. Offeror’s non-attendance at the conference/site-visit above may be construed as a failure to meet the requirements of FAR clause 52.236-3 entitled “Site Investigation and Conditions Affecting the Work”, leading to no consideration for award. All details regarding dates, location, and contract information will be identified in the solicitation when issued. The contract award will be made to a single offeror who provides the Government with the best value, using Performance Price Tradeoff (PPT) process in accordance with Air Force FAR Supplement (AFFARS) 5315.101-1, with evaluation factors to be included in the RFP consisting of; 1) Past Performance, and 2) Price. In order to be eligible for award, registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) database is required at http://www.sam.gov/; however, the following must be satisfied due to award and performance to be made in Japan. [Requirements applicable to award and performance made outside of the United States]: The offeror is required to represent that it is duly authorized to operate and to do business in the country of Japan in which the contract is to be performed, IAW DFARS 252.225-7042, “Authorization to Perform”. Also, the resulting contractor shall, without additional expense to the Government, be responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses and permits, and for complying with any host government (the Japanese government) and political subdivision laws, codes, and regulations applicable to the performance of the work IAW FAR 52.236-7, “Permits and Responsibilities”, as supplemented by AFFARS 5336.507. This notice does not obligate the Government to award a contract nor does it obligate the Government to pay for any bid/proposal preparation costs. POINT OF CONTACT: Kazuhiro Nakamura/Buyer (Ph. 0176-77-3496; e-mail: kazuhiro.nakamura.jp@us.af.mil), Kazunari Sato/Buyer (Ph. 0176-77-3496; e-mail: kazunari.sato.jp@us.af.mil), Satoshi Nogawa/Contracting Officer (Ph. 0176-77-3496; e-mail: satoshi.nogawa.jp@us.af.mil), or Bunji Yamamoto/Contracting Officer (Ph. 0176-77-2502; e-mail: bunji.yamamoto.jp@us.af.mil).

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Amendment 4 Amendment_No._0004_to_RFP_No._FA5205-13-R-0005.pdf Amendment No. 0004 to RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
Pre-proposal Conference Minutes & Record of Site VIsit Minutes_PreproConfSiteVisit_11-1200P2.pdf Pre-proposal Conference Minutes & Record of Site Visit
Amendment 3 Amendment_No._0003_to_RFP_No._FA5205-13-R-0005.pdf Amendment No. 0003 to RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
Amendment 1 Amendment_No._0001_to_RFP_No._FA5205-13-R-0005.pdf Amendment No. 0001 to RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
Amendment 1 Addendum_No._2_RFP_No._FA5205-13-R-0005.pdf Addendum No. 2: RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
Amendment 1 Addendum_No._3_RFP_No._FA5205-13-R-0005.pdf Addendum No. 3: RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
Amendment 5 Amendment_No._0005_to_RFP_No._FA5205-13-R-0005_All_Docs.pdf Amendment No. 0005 to RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
Amendment 2 Amendment_0002_to_RFP_No._FA5205-13-R-0005.pdf Amendment No. 0002 to RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
Response to Questions: FA5205-13-R-0005 Response_to_Questions_11-1200P2.pdf Responses to Questions: RFP No. FA5205-13-R-0005
No Bid Form No_Bid_Form_13R0005.xls No Bid Form
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