Federal contract opportunity N0018913RZ030 for all other miscellaneous ambulatory health care services at Naval Supply Systems Command NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk Philadelphia Office, response was due Mar 3, 2014.

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This is a sources sought notice to determine the availability of potential small business sources capable of providing services in support of the Department of Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery’s (BUMED) psychological health outreach program (PHOP) for US Navy Reservists. THE DESCRIPTIVE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS SOURCES SOUGHT REFLECTS CURRENT KNOWLEDGE AS OF THIS PRINTING. THESE FACTS MAY BE UPDATED OR REVISED IN THE ACTUAL REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS, WHEN ISSUED.

US Navy Reservists returning from deployments face unique challenges that can cause increased stress in their lives and exacerbate deployment stress injuries such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Reservists face immense culture changes after completing a deployment, often going from a high tempo warrior community/mentality back into a more routine life where their civilian employers and family members may not understand nor be able to relate to their deployment experiences. Reservists face access to care challenges since their eligibility and access to military or VA healthcare is dependent on a number of factors including the length of time since redeployment, timely completion of Line of Duty determination and the geographic location of the Reservist’s residence. Civilian mental health insurance is often minimal, and civilian mental health providers may not be familiar with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Traumatic Brain Injury.

Support or counseling services for family members may be difficult to find, especially in remote geographic locations. BUMED uniquely designed PHOP programs to serve the needs of Reservists and their families and address long-term needs for support identify by numerous legislative and executive branch studies. The goals of the PHOP is to 1) to create a PH “safety net” for Navy Reservists and their families, who are at risk for not having their stress injuries identified and treated in an expeditious manner; 2) to improve the overall PH of Navy Reservists and their families; and 3) to identify long-term strategies to improve PH support services for Reservists and their families. It is intended to procure services for the provision and management of individuals at geographically diverse locations to serve as Psychological Health (PH) Outreach Coordinators and PH Outreach Support Team members.

The following Contractor tasks are included in the support of the PHOP requirement:

• Facilitate coordination of outreach visits to Navy Operational Support Centers.

• Clinically assess Reservists, assist with Line of duty determination processing.

• Coordinate and follow-up with reservists through resolution of member’s case

• Facilitate access to PH/resilence and family support services

• Support deployment cycle activities

• Maintain an after hours telephone/emiail watch bill to accept and respond to communications from clients

• Provide outreach vistis to approximately 128 NOSC locations

• Provide psychological health outreach and educational/training services

• Provide facilitator services to returning warrior workshops.

A Firm Fixed Price (FFP) non-personal services contract is anticipated that will consist of a one year base period and four, one year option periods. The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code for this acquisition is 621999.

Offerors possessing the requisite skills, resources and capabilities necessary to perform the stated requirement are invited to respond to this source sought notice via the submission of an executive summary, no more than five (5) pages in length. Responses must use twelve point Times New Roman font.

The submission should include the following information: 1) company name, address, and point of contact with corresponding phone number and e-mail address 2) DUNS number, business size and classification 3) relevant corporate experience information. Relevant corporate experience information is defined as experience (within the past five years) that is of the same or similar services to that which is described herein and a technical description of ability to meet the requirement (2 references).

The corporate experience should include the applicable contract number, total number of FTE, contract period of performance, a brief description of the services provided AND the relevancy of the services to the proposed PHOP requirement. A customer point of contact with corresponding telephone number and e-mail address should also be included.

A brief description of the capability and resources should accompany the references and address technical competencies and organizational experience relative to the key task areas. Standard brochures and/or paraphrasing of the Source Sought Notice will not be considered sufficient to demonstrate the capabilities of an interested party.

All submissions are required to be submitted via e-mail to laura.mattiford@navy.mil no later than 1:00pm (local time/Philadelphia, PA) on 3 March 2014.

Please direct any questions concerning this Sources Sought Notice to Laura Mattiford at laura.mattiford@navy.mil