Federal contract opportunity SB1341-12-RP-0071 for other scientific and technical consulting services at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Acquisition Management Division.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Information Technology Laboratory (ITL), develops and disseminate standards, measurements, and testing for interoperability, security, usability, and reliability of information systems, including cyber security standards and guidelines for Federal agencies and U.S. industry, supporting these and measurement science at NIST through fundamental and applied research in computer science, mathematics and statistics. ITL's standards development role is specified in the Information Technology Management Reform Act (Public Law 104-106). The Secretary of Commerce approves standards that are developed by the NIST for Federal computer systems. These standards and guidelines are issued by NIST as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) for use government-wide.NIST develops FIPS when there are compelling Federal government requirements such as for security and interoperability and there are no acceptable industry standards or solutions. For FIPS 201 and in response to Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD 12), ITL's Computer Security Division initiated a new program for improving the identification and authentication of Federal employees and Contractors for access to Federal facilities and information systems. FIPS 201, entitled Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors, was developed to satisfy the requirements of HSPD 12, approved by the Secretary of Commerce, and issued on February 25, 2005. In consideration of technological advancement over the last five years and specific requests for changes from United States Government (USG) stakeholders, NIST determined that a revision of FIPS 201-1 (version in effect) was warranted. NIST received numerous change requests, some of which, after analysis and coordination with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and United States Government (USG) stakeholders, were incorporated in the Draft FIPS 201-2. In FY2011, the FIPS 201 revision draft was published and 247 pages of comments were received. Continuing into FY2012, ITL's team of researchers, referred to hereafter as the PIV team, is concentrating on resolving the received comments with active interaction with the HSPD-12 stakeholders, publishing a second draft FIPS 201-2, and initiating the promulgation of the final FIPS 201 Revision 2. The PIV team is composed of six subject matter experts (SMEs), each leading and coordinating specific technical areas of the revision for FIPS 201. The technical areas include:(1) Cryptographic capability of the PIV card and components;(2) PIV card authentication mechanisms; (3) Topology of the PIV Card; (4) Change management; (5) PIV card issuance and maintenance; and (6) PIV card issuer accreditation and PIV card validation. In order for the PIV team to be successful in its mission, NIST requires several support efforts in order to meet its publication requirements that include not only FIPS 201 Revision 2, and any future related updates but also updates to several FIPS 201 supporting Special Publications, as well as development of two new Special Publications. Completion of these tasks will allow NIST to meet an unusually large workload that will persist for one year while at the same time better focus on interaction with HSPD-12 stakeholders, and conduct the necessary procedures involved in promulgation of the final FIPS 201 Revision 2. The period of performance will be for a period of one year from the date of award. The NAICS code for this requirement is 541690 with a small business size standard of $14.0 million. Contracting by Negotiation shall be utilized under the authority of FAR Part 15. This requirement is 100% set-aside for small business. The competitive Request for Proposal (RFP), amendments, and all questions and answers related to this procurement shall be made available via the Internet at HTTP://WWW.FEDBIZOPPS.GOV under RFP number SB1341-12-RP-0071. Potential offerors shall be responsible for obtaining this solicitation and related Amendments, if any, from www.fbo.gov after the solicitation has been posted. It is, and will continue to be, the responsibility of each potential Offeror to monitor www.fbo.gov for any amendments or other information related to the solicitation. The Government will not maintain a mailing list. Any communications regarding this acquisition must be made in writing and forwarded via email to carol.wood@nist.gov, and shall identify the solicitation number, company name, company address, as well as point of contact email address and phone number. Offerors must be actively registered in the Central Contractor Registration website at www.ccr.gov, in order to be eligible to receive a contract under this acquisition. NIST anticipates posting the solicitation approximately 15days after the date of publication of this notice.

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