Federal contract opportunity HSHQDC-11-R-00052 for administrative management and general management consulting services at Office of the Chief Procurement Officer Office of Procurement Operations, response was due Mar 8, 2011.

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DHS is committed to using cutting-edge technologies and scientific talent in its quest to make America safer. DNDO's mission is to improve the nation's capability to detect and report unauthorized attempts to import, possess, store, develop, or transport nuclear or radiological material for use against the nation, and to further enhance this capability over time. The Red Team and Net Assessments (RTNA) Directorate supports this effort through evaluating the overall effectiveness of implemented PRND capabilities using workshops, expert elicitation, modeling, program assessments, covert testing, and open source and adversarial red teaming. As RTNA improves its capabilities and its understanding of non-state adversaries, it is increasingly looked to for support by other DNDO directorates, DHS components, and external agencies. RTNA and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) have developed the PEM, which provides a suite of analytic tools for assessing the risk of radiological and nuclear terrorism. This RFI requests information on capabilities associated with providing modeling and simulation, radiological/nuclear detector, operational, and analytic expertise needed for conducting IV&V of the PEM suite.

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Unspecified RFI_IVV - Final.pdf Probabilistic Effectiveness Methodology (PEM) Request for Information (RFI)
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