Federal contract opportunity DTFAWA-12-C-00049 for computer systems design services at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Headquarters, response was due Jan 10, 2014.

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This announcement is for informational purposes only, not a Solicitation/Request for Proposal.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) intends to extend its current contract with Verocel, Inc, 234 Littleton Road, Suite 2A, Westford, MA 01886 to purchase and store for one (1) year 2,085 Micron PCN 30880 memory chips, part number MT46V128M8TG6TA.

In accordance with the FAA Acquisition Management System, the purpose of this announcement is to inform industry of the FAA's decision to increase the scope of this contract via single-source procedures. The rational basis for this decision is: Verocel, Inc. is currently executing the Safety Computer Development Contract. Pre-Production units were recently accepted from Verocel and the contract is moving into the Integration and Application Demonstration Phases. Failure to procure these memory chips before they become obsolete would require redesigning the Safety Computer unit and recertification. The exact memory chip is required; otherwise, recertification of the hardware and software would be required. Due to the limited availability of the chip, it is in the FAA’s best interest to use the current development contract to procure the Micron PCN 30880 memory chips.

If you have any questions or comments on this contract action, please contact the Contracting Officer, Jacqueline Haralson no later than 5 p.m. January 10, 2014, at Jacqueline.haralson@faa.gov.

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