Federal contract opportunity 000000008168 for natural gas distribution at Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) GSA Reverse Auction Platform (4QTF), response was due Jan 13, 2017.

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Update the line item descriptions as requested by an interested party. Specify that, Line items 1 through 6 shall include, in addition to the gas price a 5-day trailer rental fee. The unit of issue is Each because of the trailer rental need, per delivery of trailer. Line item 7 is reserved to pay for additional days after the 5th day, if needed.

1) Update Line Item 1, as the Base delivery will be for 45,000 SCF. Line Items 2 and 3 are reserved for the 180,000 SCF. 2) Replace the SOW to reflect these changes. 3) Specify that after the Base delivery, the Government may order 2 each 180,000 SCF deliveries, or 1 each 180,000 SCF and 4 each 45,000 SCF, not to exceed a total of 405,000 SCF or $150,000, whichever comes first 4) Extend the buy t rough 1/13/17 at 1530 CST.

NEDU's upcoming mission has changed. The Government expects to amend the solicitation to have one small delivery as Base leaving all other options unchanged with the exception of two Jumbo deliveries.

FAR Clause 52.208-8 Required Sources for Helium and Helium Usage Data - Added. Auction extend through 1/11/17 at 1200 CST. Notify bidders that the resulting order's Base Period will contain three line items of funding to total the bid price for the first delivery.

Extend solicitation.

Auction Description: Deliveries of High Purity Helium for the Navy Experimental Diving Unit at NSWC Panama City, FL. This is a competed Hub Zone Set Aside solicitation per the provisions of FAR Part 19.1305. This is a SAT action not to exceed $150,000. or a total of 405,000 SCF of Helium (see attached SOW), The Government will evaluate quotes per the provisions under FAR Part 13.106 (4)(I), lowest-priced quotation.

This solicitation is being conducted using GSA Reverse Auctions which is an online quote solicitation platform where sellers successively bid prices down until the auction time ends and an award can be made to the apparent low bidder if it meets the soicitation terms and conditions and is technically acceptable. The Auction solicitation will begin on the date and time this solicitation is posted and will end on the date and time stated in this notice or as otherwise displayed in ReverseAuctions.gsa.gov. All quotes shall be submitted via the GSA Reverse Auctions platform. This will constitute the only opportunity for Offerors to submit pricing for this solicitation; offline bids will not be accepted. Offerors shall submit pricing and any requested or applicable attachments in accordance with the terms and conditions of the solicitation.
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