Federal contract opportunity VA24314R0514 for electrical contractors and other wiring installation contractors at Bronx VAMC (NAL) Department of Veterans Affairs, response was due May 9, 2014.

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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
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This project will remove and install nurse call system located in wards 6B, 7B, 7C, 8B, & 8C in Bldg. 100 at the James J. Peters VAMC, 130 West Kingsbridge Road, Bronx New York 10648

This shall be a Service Disabled Small Business Set-Aside (SDVOSB). As a result, all SDVOSB's may submit a proposal, which shall be considered by the agency. The project falls under NAICS Code 238210, and has a Small Business Standard of $14 Million. The estimated price range for this project is $2,000,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 respectively.

The SCOPE OF WORK is as follows:

ITEM 1 - Contractor will furnish all labor, tools, materials, equipment, transportation, clinical workshops, training and supervision but is not limited to complete the following:

1) The following is the Scope of Work for Nurse Call installation at Wards 6B, 7B, 7C, 8B, & 8C in Bldg. 100:

1. Install Service.

2. 3 sets of Construction Working drawings showing equipment placement, cable and conduit runs, equipment list, etc. Drawings must be approved by VA Project Manager prior to the start of service.

3. 3 sets of As-Builts in hardcopy and via electronic file at the end of the project. AutoCAD is preferred.

4. Provide 3 sets of port allocation diagrams at the end of the project showing which ports are utilized for servers, etc.

5. Provide all necessary phasing where as much pre installation is done in order to minimize shutdowns, disruptions and interference with the normal operations of the Bronx VAMC as patients will remain at all wards.

6. Removal and replacement of the existing Nurse Call System at wards 6B, 7B, 7C, 8B & 8C at Bldg. 100 with a new Nurse Call System.

7. Utilize any existing equipment at 7B as possible.

8. Create central equipment closet for all Nurse Call Systems in the entire facility which includes newly installed Nurse Call Systems and existing Nurse Call systems. Room to be furnished by Bronx VA during design.

9. The select vendor shall directly employee factory trained and certified technicians specific to the facilities existing NNC solution on the second floor and NCM systems on the 1st floor. These technicians shall be responsible and have experience with integration of the newly installed systems to the facilities existing NNC system in use on the second floor of the nursing home and the NCM system on the 1st floor of Bldg. 100. (NCM is not networked based. Contractor to network connect with the NCM on the 1st floor if possible)

10. Contractor must have on staff factory trained staff that can remotely access the existing NCM & NNC Nurse Call systems in the Spinal Cord and Nursing Home. Bathroom, Code blue and other switch types including pillow speakers and location sensors shall be interchangeable between the existing and new system for commonality of parts.

11. Be able to connect to existing Hill Rom beds and be able to connect up to 31 available data points depending on the model of the Hill Rom bed. (Each Hill Rom bed model has a different number of data points anywhere from 12 to 31)

12. Be able to send an alert to a caregiver if this patient has been identified as a falls risk and let them know to set the bed exit.

13. Capability of taking all bed data and offer it to you on a Status Board.

14. Utilize the Cat5 wiring in the existing NCM and NaviCare wards and some of the switches to update the VA to the newest platform of nurse call.

15. Enterprise reporting, such that NCM system at 1D and 1E and the new nurse call system will "speak" to each other. This allows running reports from two different platforms.

16. Must be compatible with Centrak Platform which has been approved by the VA as the locating platform that will go in all VA's. Centrak is a "plug and offers the Hand Hygiene app that has been approved by the VA, which runs on the Centrak Backbone.

17. Provide integration such that VA's can buy middleware to connect wireless devices such as Vocera, Cisco, Ascom, etc to avoid middleware from a third party for future communication installations.

18. Capability of offer rounding and response time reports, and offer hand hygiene reports which will be able to tie into the future RTLS RFP Award that the VA's will be going with.

19. Have POE connectivity capability and have compatibility with Cisco 4500 switches which and allows for one unified network for in-house IT to maintain.

20. System to be powered mostly by POE switches. No need to run electrical cables to devices.

21. POE connectivity to provide software updates out to all devices remotely.

22. Provide Graphical Patient Stations are microprocessors, OR SMART DEVICES.

23. Must be able to provide swing and capture capability between wards. This will allow the VA caregivers not only to send one unit's calls over to another, but can swing ONE room over to another unit, as census requirements change. When one room is swung to another unit, that room automatically re-programs itself to match the swung unit, and changes back once it is swung back.

24. The existing Nurse Call must remain fully operational until the new one is completely installed, functional, tested and certified.

25. All showers, bathrooms toilets within 7B, 7C, 8B & 8C are to have the emergency pull cords.

26. Install all Nurse Call Devices such as in bathrooms with wall tiles, solid ceilings, etc.

27. Furnish all design, material and labor for 6B to have a nurse call system conducive to a Psych ward unit to prevent suicide attempts or disruptive audio broadcast in particular areas as noted below:

i. Bathroom and shower switches to remain as is with new push buttons. One switch will be installed high and one low in the event a patient fell.

ii. Lights above the room such as dome lights and zone lights to be installed in the corridors.

iii. Install metallic device with recessed button or alternate material which makes it difficult for patients to tamper and destroy the device.

iv. Audio devices to be installed in patient rooms

v. Audio Stations will not be needed in the day rooms and mess halls.

vi. Tamper proof screws to be installed on all devices where patients have access to.

vii. Master station staff console to be provided

viii. Small day room, art therapy and dining rooms are to have no devices.

ix. Push buttons and audio to be installed in doctor's rooms, staff lounges and any other staff areas.

x. No panic system to be included.

xi. All dome lights to be single bulb type everywhere for simplicity.

xii. One push button to be installed by toilet.

xiii. Install push button in staff bathrooms in the event there is future renovation making it a patient room.

28. Nurse Call System to be inclusive but not limited to Graphical audio stations, Audio Station Bed Connectors at each bed with Pillow Speaker or sip & puff, LED Icon dome & Zone lights, with Alpha or numeric bed differentiation for two or four bed, Bath and shower switches, color LCD Staff consoles, Power Over Ethernet switches, Room Control Boards, Electronic White board and reporting license for each nursing unit, servers, ups back up system. System shall be CAT 5/6 cable with RJ 45 connections and anything else for a complete and fully functional system.

29. Systems that are not network based and that require a separate power cable, do not offer room to room communications or require centralized equipment cabinet for each nursing unit are not acceptable.

30. The hospitals existing Hill-Rom smart beds with current software/ firmware shall deliver data including height of bed and rails, wheel and bed exit status, Head of bed angle, and patient weight to the nurse call system electronic white board for clinical observation.

31. Pillow Speakers will be furnished and installed. Pillow speakers are to have the capability to activate the Nurse Call and provide 2 way communication between the patient and medical staff. Pillow Speakers are to control the TVs, lights and bed functions for 7B,7C, 8B and 8C.

32. Provide all necessary wiring and installation for the TVs, lights and beds to function with the new Nurse Call System. All models and other pertinent information will be furnished by project manager.

33. All equipment Service Closet locations must be coordinated with and approved by Project Engineer and be secured.

34. RTLS (Real Time Location Devices are not required at this time however the technology platform must be available for possible future use)

35. All installed components of the Nurse Call System must be easily accessible as per the satisfaction and approval of the Project Engineer.

36. Equipment and cabling must be properly shielded to avoid interference.

37. Must abide by in-house Infection Control policy measures. Include all necessary tenting when lifting ceiling tiles at all inpatient care areas.

38. In patient rooms were two-way voice is required, audio shall be non- blocking. Those systems that use a looping cable infrastructure are not acceptable. System devices must support simultaneously conversations between staff and patients using wireless communication devices or patient devices without being blocked as a result of an active conversation.

39. Any VA PC to be able to connect to Nurse Call system server to generate reports and for diagnostic data for maintenance. All Nurse stations at 6B, 7B, 7C, 8B & 8C to have means answering patient calls by dedicated Master station staff console. Those systems that require a dedicated PC to view patient data are not acceptable.

40. The system shall support ancillary WI- FI based communications systems and Plug N Play capabilities for future applications.

41. Provides bed status information directly from patient beds to any network workstations.

42. Capability for patient information and room/bed assignments are updated automatically.

43. Manages data about call records and response times.

44. Ability to print out detailed reports for call records, response times, etc at all Nurses Stations at 6B, 7B, 7C, 8B & 8C or from any PC.

45. Reports are to be specific and provide information such as response times, room bed, type of call, nurse name, patient name, etc.

46. Nurse Call System must have provisions to support simultaneous use of Sip N Puff or call cords, pillow speakers and bed connectivity. Provide Sip & Puff device at the 8C area only. 7B, 7C and 8B will be pillow speaker only.

47. Wire Nurse Call System to existing Sip N Puff setup or provide new Sip N Puff setup if necessary in order to be fully functional with beds, televisions and/or Nurse Call System. Sip N Puff whether utilizing exiting or providing new must have proper corresponding adapter piece for new Nurse Call system.

48. System to have the ability to upgrade, be programmable and be able to expand the Nurse Call System to other parts of the hospital.

49. Newer technology can be easily added to the system without replacing the entire system.

50. Ability to download new software/updates.

51. Capability to replace malfunctioning components without turning off the system and disrupting daily operation.

52. The system must remain operational as far as patients being able to place calls, illuminating dome lights and audible alarms when there is a loss of power.

53. Must have data security capability.

54. Ability for contractor to remotely monitor and troubleshoot potential problems with the Nurse Call System if necessary.

55. Fire rated CAT 5 cable to be installed in inner duct and supported above ceiling. Conduit must not lie against any fixtures, ducts, ceiling tiles, etc and must be supported as per VA specifications with all fitting and connectors. Electric tape to connect duct is not acceptable. Inner Duct is approved by VACO.

56. Provide wall and load bearing supporting to existing walls in designated equipment closet to support any possible Nurse Call System equipment at service closet and nurses stations if necessary.

57. Provide all electrical power, conduits, wiring, junction boxes, supporting, pull boxes, etc for all equipment in service closet location for fully functional system. VA is not to furnish any in house service other than showing which circuit breakers the contractor can utilize.

58. Bed interface units or any other Nurse Call assemblies installed to Ohio Panels are to be easily accessible and visible for Nursing & Maintenance staff. Bed interface unit to be installed uniformly and away from bed units.

59. All devices installed to existing Ohio Panels must be flushed, secure and no gaps and wiring should be exposed. Provide and install all necessary covers. Covers to be approved by Project Engineer prior to installation.

60. Work with VA IT to establish for a new farm which would include the servers, shared storage, and VM software licenses and include backups if necessary to be integrated into the VA IT existing Commvault backup environment. Contractor to furnish and install all servers, racks and software licenses as per the direction of VA IT. (VA IT may have to install all software on our Network so this must be coordinated with them)

61. Provide all possible equipment and programming for VA to be able to connect to future voice Communication system on a separate project. All direction data flow, network connectivity and clinical access to the Nurse Call system software are to be set up as much as possible for a fully functional system at no extra cost to the VA as per customer requirements.

62. Maintenance, Repair/Troubleshooting training for VA personnel onsite at Bronx VA for 4 individuals.

Completion Time of 480 Calendar Days from Notice to Proceed.

The solicitation will be posted on March 17, 2014 and the anticipated closing date is April 30, 2014 at 2:00pm EST. The proposal submittal address and time will be included in the solicitation.

Proposal submissions shall be in hardcopies and not e-mailed or faxed. This project requires the bidders/contractors to secure bonding. All bidders shall be registered and verified in the www.sam.gov, www.dnb.com/, www.vetbiz.gov and https://orca.bpn.gov/

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