Federal contract opportunity 2013-N-15043 for other scientific and technical consulting services at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Procurement and Grants Office (Atlanta), response was due Jul 8, 2013.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences (DTHHS), Environmental Toxicology Branch (ETB) intends to conduct a competitive procurement for an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract in accordance with FAR 16.504 for the project entitled, "Mission Support for the Preparation of Toxicological Profiles." The project objectives are to obtain technical support for ATSDR in the preparation of profiles and associated documents on hazardous substances found at facilities on the EPA National Priorities List. Other substances not on the list may also be selected based on the public health needs as determined by ATSDR. Support provided under this procurement may include coordination of the production of the profile, as well as analysis, technical assistance, support concerning projects directly related to the development of the profiles and significant human exposure levels (SHELs) or Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs) and other scientific documents.

The profile must also focus on important data needs that preclude the determination of significant levels of human exposure or contribute substantially to the uncertainty of such levels. The quality of such data must be assessed and in order to support the determination of levels of significant human exposure and, where major gaps in the supporting data exist, identify those data needs in the toxicological profiles.

This requirement is anticipated to be a full and open competition under North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code of 541690 with a small business size standard of $14 million. The intended period of performance is from the date of award through five years thereafter. The maximum ordering limitation is $8,000,000.00. Note that this ceiling applies across all task orders and cannot be exceeded in the aggregate. Note that there is no guarantee on the number of task orders that the firm will receive under this IDIQ, or the amount of money the firm is entitled to beyond the minimum monetary amount stated in the RFP. Task Orders may be fixed price, time-and-material, or cost reimbursement. The solicitation will be posted on www.fedbizopps.gov not less than fifteen (15) days after this notice is issued. Interested parties are responsible for checking the website regularly for release of the solicitation and for other procurement-related documents.

In accordance with FAR 5.102(d), availability of the solicitation is limited to this electronic medium only. Requests for other copies of the solicitation will be disregarded without notice to the requestor. No telephone requests will be accepted, no solicitation will be available for pick-up, and no walk-ins will be allowed.

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Responses to Questions Questions_Responses.docx Questions and Responses
Solicitation 1 A_Attachment_Outline_For_The_Preparation_of_Profile.docx A Attachment: Outline for the Preparation of Toxicological Profies (4 Page...
Solicitation 1 B_Attachment_Literature_Search_Strategy.docx B Attachment: Literature Search Strategy (1 Page)
Solicitation 1 C_Attachment_Quality_Control_Plan_-_Quality_Criteria_for_Work_Products.docx C Attachment: Quality Criteria --Work products (1 Page)
Solicitation 1 D_Attachement__-_Guidance_to_Prepare_Prority_Data_Needs_Documents_(Pages_83).pdf D Attachment: Guidance for the Development of Priority Data Needs (83 Page...
Solicitation 1 E_Attachment__-_Guidance_for_Developing_Chemical_Protocols_(Pages_43).pdf E Attachment: 2007 Guidance for Developing Chemical Protocols (New or Upda...
Solicitation 1 F_Attachment__-_Case_Studies_Guidance_(Pages_4).pdf F Attachment: Development of ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine...
Solicitation 1 G_Attachement_-_Draft_Guidance_for_the_Preparation_of_a_Chemical__(Pages_9).pdf G Attachment: Draft Guidance for the Preparation of Chemical Specific Cons...
Solicitation 1 H_Attachment_-_Contractor_Performance_Report.doc H Attachment: Contractor Performance Report (7 pages)
Solicitation 1 I_Attachment_-_Negotiated_Fully_Burdened_Hourly_Labor_Rates.doc I Attachment: Negotiated Fully Burdened Hourly Labor Rates
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