Federal contract opportunity RES-11-096 for engineering services at Acquisition Management Division, response was due Mar 9, 2011.

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) intends to enter into a sole source contract with Dycoda, LLC, for work related to completing the MELCOR code run code for the Surry Plant analysis for State-of the Art Reactor Consequence Analysis (SOARCA). Dycoda, LLC, is the only commercially available source that is uniquely qualified to perform the proposed work under this requirement. Dycoda,LLC, is uniquely qualified because Kenneth Wagner is under their employment. Mr. Wagner has been a key personnel on the SOARCA project during the past five years. He has previously performed a MELCOR analysis for SOARCA. Given new plant configuration information for the Surry Plant, the Surry ISLOCA scenario needs to be re-run. Given his previous experience on running MELCOR analyses on Surry, Kenneth Wagner is needed to complete the project within 9 months to fully satisfy the level of effort and complete the project requirements. He has recently changed employment from Sandia National Laboratories to Dycoda, and his technical expertise and experience are essential to the timely completion of the SOARCA project. Additionally, Mr. Wagner has more than 20 years experience in applying thermal hydraulic codes to severe accident analysis, including SCDAP, RELAP, and MELCOR codes.
The work will include but it not limited to:
- Re-running the Surry OSLOCA scenario to account for new plant configuration information received from the Surry Plant.
- Finalizing the already-started MELCOR analysis for the Surry Plant for SOARCA.
- Working to address SOARCA Peer Review Committee comments on SOARCA for Surry.
- Working to address NRC comments on SOARCA for Surry.
- Presenting work completed for this project at public forums.
The period of performance will be nine (9) months from the date of award. This is not a request for competitive proposals. Requests for copies of this solicitation will be honored unless the respondent provides evidence showing their capability to perform the required services. Inquiries regarding this announcement may be made to Daniel App, Contract Specialist by phone at (301) 492-3606 or via e-mail at Daniel.App@nrc.gov. See Numbered Note 22.


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