Federal contract opportunity N02CO72723-78 for all other professional, scientific, and technical services at National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute, Office of Acquisitions, response was due Sep 14, 2017.

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General Information
Short Title: Measurement the microbiome in oral and fecal samples
Document Type: Presolicitation Notice
Solicitation Number: N02CO72723-78
Posted Date: 9/11/2017
Response Date: 9/14/2017 9:00 AM ET
Classification Code: B529
NAICS Code: 541990

Contracting Office Address

Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Office of Acquisitions, 9609 Medical Center Drive, Room 1E136, Rockville, MD 20850, UNITED STATES


National Cancer Institute (NCI), Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG), plans to procure on a sole source basis, services for the Measurement the microbiome in oral and fecal samples, from Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, 17 South Pan Jia Yuan Nan Li, Chao Yang Dist. Beijing, 100021, China.

This acquisition will be processed in accordance with FAR Part 13.106-1 (b)(1)(i). The North American Industry Classification System code is 541990 and the business size standard is $15 million.

It has been determined there are no opportunities to acquire green products or services for this procurement.

1) Purpose
The contractor shall undertake the 16s RNA sequencing (measurement of the microbiome) in oral and fecal samples from 300 subjects (100 esophageal dysplasia cases, 100 esophageal cancer cases and 100 controls) from Linxian, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu of China.

2) Contractor Requirements
The contractor shall undertake 16s RNA sequencing of the oral and fecal microbiome from 300 subjects from Linxian, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu of China, a high ESCC incidence area. The Contractor shall include 28 QC samples in the analysis provided by the NCI.

3) Deliverables
The contractor shall provide a report of the sample collection, relevant demographic data for each subject, and the 16s RNA sequence data generated from the testing to the NCI COR. This report shall be submitted by mail/ e-mail, immediately on completion of the work and no later than one year after the date of the award.

4) Inspection and Acceptance
The report and data will be examined and approved by the COR at the time they are received.

5) Period of Performance
The period of performance is September 30, 2017 to September 29, 2018

6) Payment Schedule
Payment is contingent upon receipt of an invoice at the completion of the deliverables. The COR will approve payment to the contractor upon completion and approval of the deliverable(s) and invoice(s) per the attached Invoice and Payment Provisions.


Unique qualifications

Most of the world's ESCC cases arise in China, where mortality for ESCC is also very high. Previous microbiome studies of ESCC suggest it could have an etiologic role in ESCC and/or may be a useful biomarker. However, studies of the microbiome and ESCC in China are limited. CHCAMS has led esophageal cancer prevention programs in China since the 1970s. CHCAMS also has a long collaboration with the NCI across more than 30 years, and is the optimum organization for collaborative ESCC studies in China. The current study will sequence 16s RNA in fecal and oral samples to describe the microbial communities in subjects with esophageal dysplasia (a precursor to ESCC), ESCC and controls from Linxian, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu of China, regions of extraordinarily high ESCC incidence, where the NCI has been working for decades. The contractor is uniquely qualified to source the fecal and oral samples and undertake the 16s RNA analysis. This analysis will allow comparison to earlier microbiome studies in the same population.

This notice is not a request for competitive quotation. However, if any interested party, especially small business believes it can meet the above requirement, it may submit a proposal or quote for the Government to consider. The response and any other information furnished must be in writing and must contain material in sufficient detail to allow the NCI to determine if the party can perform the requirement. Responses must be received in the contracting office by 9 AM ET, on September 14, 2017. All responses and questions must be via email to Francisco Mendoza, Contracting Specialist at francisco.mendoza@nih.gov. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed requirement based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. In order to receive an award, contractors must be registered and have valid certification through SAM.GOV and have Representations and Certifications filled out. Reference: N02CO72723-78 on all correspondence.