Federal contract opportunity HE3298 for other clothing stores at Air Education and Training Command Vance Air Force Base Contracting, response was due Oct 8, 2014.

Solicitation Number
Contract Number(s)
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Total Small Business

Provide Massif Element Jacket in the style, quantities and sizes listed on attached bid sheet.

Brand Name Only (Approved Justification attached)

GSA schedule and open market quotes will be considered.

Bids are due no later than 11:00 AM CST Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  All bids are to be sent to Heather Easterly at heather.easterly.ctr@us.af.mil or faxed to 580-213-6047.

Package File Description
RFQ- Massif Jackets RFQ.xlsx Bid Sheet (return with quote)
RFQ- Massif Jackets PO_Terms__Conditions_parts_1_and_2_F5215-1___6-3-14.pdf Terms and Conditions (for info only)
RFQ- Massif Jackets Reps_and_Certs__Commercial__MAY_14.doc Reps and Certs (return with bid)
RFQ- Massif Jackets PAE_vendor_package.pdf PAE vendor packet (return with bid)
Place of Performance