Federal contract opportunity SSA-RFI-15-0004 for software publishers at Office of Budget, Finance, Quality and Management Office of Acquisition and Grants, response was due Sep 26, 2014.

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Synopsis - Maintenance for Nielsen Primelocation Web and Desktop Software - Foreign Language Data

Action Code: SSA-RFI-15-0004
Date: September 23rd
Year: 2014
Contracting Office ZIP Code: 21235
Classification Code: 511210
Contracting Office Address: 6401 Security Blvd, Baltimore, MD

Subject: Maintenance for Nielsen Primelocation Web and Desktop Software - Foreign Language Data

Proposed Solicitation Number: TBD
Closing Response Date: TBD
Contact Point: Eric Goldstein
Contract Award and Solicitation Number: TBD
Contract Award Date: TBD
Contractor: The Nielsen Company (US), LLC.
Set-aside Status: None


[NOTICE OF INTENT] - The Social Security Administration (SSA) intends to solicit the Nielsen Company (US), LLC on a sole source basis for the purchase of a maintenance renewal of its Nielsen Primelocation Web and Desktop Software - Foreign Language Data. Nielsen is located at 770 Broadway, New York, New York 10003-9522. SSA conducts this acquisition pursuant to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 13.106-1(b)(1), Soliciting from a single source, which states, "[c]ontracting officers may solicit from one source if the contracting officer determines that the circumstances of the contract action deem only one source reasonably available (e.g., urgency, exclusive licensing agreements, brand-name or industrial mobilization)."

Currently, SSA owns the right to use PrimeLocation web and desktop software by Nielsen. SSA seeks a firm-fixed-price award for a 1-year base period and three 1-year option periods. The period of performance for the base period would be 10/01/2014 to 09/30/2015.

PrimeLocation web and desktop software is proprietary and as such Nielsen has an exclusive right and does not authorize resellers or other entities to maintain it. Other organizations possessing the requisite expertise and resources are invited to submit information concerning their capabilities, expertise, and other pertinent data. Pricing may be submitted. Written responses to this synopsis shall contain sufficient documentation to establish a bona fide capability to fulfill this requirement.

This is not a request for quotation; rather, this posting constitutes SSA's notice of intent to solicit on a sole source basis with the Nielsen Company (US), LLC for the above specified requirement. SSA does not intend to pay for any information received. If SSA does not identify other acceptable sources capable of providing the software maintenance and relevant upgrades, then it will issue a sole source award to the Nielsen Company (US), LLC using the policies and procedures in FAR Part 12, in conjunction with those in FAR Part 13.

Interested vendors must submit responses to this notice by 1200 EST on 09/26/2014. SSA will not honor or acknowledge requests for copies of a solicitation. Oral communications are not acceptable.