Federal contract opportunity AG-7512-S-11-0004 for support activities for forestry at Forest Service R-3 Southwestern Region/Lincoln NF.

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Little Fuels Reduction -Push/Slash Treatment: The Lincoln National Forests, Smokey Bear Ranger District has a requirement for the reduction of tree densities and slash Treatment on 949 acres that qualify as Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). The purpose of work is to reduce fire and fuels hazards through reduction of tree density and subsequent slash treatment. Woody Vegetation treatments may be completed by mechanized equipment (pushing or extraction). Slash-treatment will be implemented through complete piling of residue and slash that would be created as a result of thinning treatments.


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Unspecified RFQ Little Push-Slash Final 2.21.11.docx Request For Quote-Little Push/Slast Treatment
Unspecified Atch_2_Submittal_Pkg 2.21.2011.docx Atch 2: Contractor's Submittal Package
Unspecified Little Push Map 2.14.11.pdf Map-Little Push/Slash Treatment
Unspecified SF-30_Amd 02.docx SF-30, Amd 02 - The only acceptable methods of treatment on this project ar...
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