Federal contract opportunity DOJ-LIB-14-3 for periodical publishers at Offices/Boards/Divisions Acquisitions, Library Staff, response was due Mar 9, 2014.

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The Department of Justice, Justice Management Division, intends to procure on a sole source basis an online enterprise subscription to Law360 from Portfolio Media. Due to the proprietary nature of this publication, Portfolio Media is the only known source for this publication. The statutory authority for the proposed procurement is 41 U.S.C. 253(c)(1), only one responsible source.
Law 360 is relied upon and used by the Department of Justice attorneys to conduct necessary legal research in preparation for the Department's court cases and is therefore essential to the Department's mission. Law360 is the only source that provides extensive coverage of current litigation and issues across a broad spectrum of legal topics, from Banking and Environmental to Product Liability and White Collar Crime, and includes coverage of law firms, government agencies, and companies as well. No other source provides the ease of use, daily coverage, and ready access to important documents all in one search, and includes expert analysis on top legal topics on a daily basis. For example, Law360 allows for ready access to news on a particular company, and that news will include litigation, documents, general activities, etc. - no other single source readily provides this information.

The solicitation will not be distributed on the General Services Administration website (www.fbo.gov). The subscription procured under this synopsis must comply with the following Section 508 Accessibility Standards: 1194.22 Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Application, 1194.24 Video or Multimedia Products, 1194.31 Functional performance criteria, and 1194.41 Information, documentation, and support (see http://www.section508.gov). This is not a formal solicitation, however, interested concerns must respond within ten (10) days from the date of this notice with written documentation, detailed data and pricing information that clearly demonstrates their ability to perform the requirement. Responses received as a result of this notice of intent shall be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. Responses will not be considered as either bids or proposals. A determination by the Government not to open this requirement to competition based upon the written responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Responses to this notice must be submitted to Dale.Park@usdoj.gov. No telephone responses will be accepted.

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