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Contract No.: R11PX80324

The J&A is also available at ww.usbr.gov/mso/aamd/doing-business-acquisitions-noncompetitive.html

United States Department of the InteriorBureau of ReclamationPublic Disclosure of Justification and Approval Documents for Noncompetitive Contracts

As required by Federal Acquisition Regulation 13.501, this sole source determination has been prepared to document the facts and rationale to support the determination that only one source is available to provide the agency's requirement. The supporting data has been prepared by the Bureau of Reclamation technical personnel.

1. Description of the supplies or services:

Review, inventory and dsiposal in BOR provided bins of Earth School test soils stored in Building 56; train Reclamation employees as hands-on instructors for classifying soils; conduct a three-day short course, Earth School 2011, on identification, classification and logging of soils, including construction best practices as related to geotechnical problems that may be encountered; deliver power point presentations for each topic in electronic format for 2011 attendees.

2. Identify the proposed contractor (with address) and describe why they are the only source capable of providing the supply/service:

Amster Howard1562 South Yank StreetLakewood, CO 80228

Mr. Howard has been presenting this training class for well over 30 years as a Reclamation Employee and as a contractor. Mr. Howard was one of the original developers of this class. He developed the ASTM/Earth Manual standards for Laboratory and Visual Soil Classification which the course is based on. In addition, Mr. Howard is an expert on civil engineering construction practices in difficult soils, particular concerning pipeline installation. No one else has been identified with similar background and history as Mr. Howard as related to presenting the Earth School course.

3. Estimated cost:


4. Additional facts that support the sole source vendor:

Mr. Howard has a long history and knowledge of Reclamation construction practices. In addition, he has developed the majority of the training materials used in Earth School. He has an intimate knowledge of the unique and distinctive soils utilized in the course.

5. Describe all market research that led to the decision that there is only one source:

No other vendor of a similar class has been located.