Federal contract opportunity SS46513MR2199 for analytical laboratory instrument manufacturing at Mine Safety and Health Administration Acquisition Management Branch (WV).

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The purpose of this synopsis is to review the marketplace for possible sources for Gas Monitoring Equipment and invite interested vendors to submit their products for MSHA approved qualification.  Vendors that submit their products for consideration will submit their products at their own expense, and there is no guarantee that the items will be approved for MSHA use.  For safety reasons, the only gas monitoring products that can be purchased for use by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) must be MSHA approved.MSHA frequently performs analyis of complex ventilation related problems.  As part of the ventilation investigations, methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide levels are measured and data logged.  Methane is typically measured at the face and throughout the mine.  The methane levels can exceed 5%, the typical range for most handheld data logging gas detectors on the market.  The air quality is monitored for long periods of time (>24 hours) by hanging handheld, data logging capable gas detectors at selected locations throughout the mine.  The only instrument that is MSHA approved for use in underground gas mine return and bleeder air courses, does not need to be worn on a person's belt, and capbable of data logging multiple gasses is the MX6 iBrid.  This link provides the current list of MSHA approved products: http://www.msha.gov/techsupp/acc/lists/lists.htmA vendor can have their goods inspected for MSHA Approved status by following the procedures at this website: http://www.msha.gov/TECHSUPP/ACC/application/application.htm