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Recovery Action - DUNS 078576738.  This modification is issued to obligate American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) of 2009 funds to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the purpose of providing $376,400 in operating funds for Project #20685 - EGS R&D (2004190), These funds are to be distributed to Agreement# 19973-lntegrated Approach to Use Natural Chemical and Isotopic Tracers to Estimate Fracture Spacing and Surface Area in EGS Systems in accordance with FWP# ESD09-011 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will conduct a series of to laboratory experiments to quantify the reactivity of a suite of natural chemical and isotopic tracers as a function of fluid chemistry, temperature, surface area, and time; and incorporate the measured solute relativities Into a tracer analysis model.

The contract was competitively awarded.  Contract is a cost reimbursement type because of the nature of the research mission makes the estimation of cost of performance impractical.