Federal contract opportunity 388-S-00-11-00010-00 for all other personal services at Overseas Missions Bangladesh USAID-Dhaka, response was due Apr 17, 2011.

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At present USAID/Bangladesh has 10 DLI officers. Over the next year, the Mission expects to receive and train an additional seven junior officers, for a total of 17 Development Leadership Initiative (DLI) junior officers. Depending on the Agency/Mission needs, this number could increase in later years.  USAID/Bangladesh mission management has established a high quality and comprehensive DLI support program encompassing the administrative, training, mentoring, and counseling activities required to develop these junior officers into fully functional USAID Foreign Service Officers.  Administering a high quality support program of this complexity for this number of junior officers requires a dedicated manager to ensure that all administrative, training, mentoring, and counseling requirements are appropriately planned, executed, documented, and evaluated.  The DLI Coordinator will also play an important role as the counselor to junior officers and the local subject matter expert on all issues concerning the USAID DLI program.


The DLI Coordinator manages the administrative, training, mentoring, and counseling support program for the junior officers assigned to USAID/Bangladesh.  The incumbent will coordinate the DLI Program for all USAID offices in the Mission.  S/he will serve as the primary resource on the DLI Program and carry out all key coordination functions related to the DLI Program and its participants (DLI junior officers, supervisors of DLI junior officers, Senior Mission Management, and rotation supervisors of DLI junior officers. The DLI coordinator will liaise with USAID/W/M DLI Coordinator Office and other relevant USAID/Washington entities to promote USAID/Bangladesh as a center of excellence for training and mentoring of junior officers.  Although mid-level DLIs don't have established rotation and other requirements, the DLI Coordinator will also counsel such DLIs on training and other career development issues.  


The DLI Coordinator will work in close collaboration with the senior mission management to ensure the success of the DLI support program.  Key duties and responsibilities are as follows:


•1)    Manage and Coordinate the DLI Program in the Mission                                   30%


a) Maintain a repository of key templates and sample rotation memos, Individual Development Plans, Annual Evaluation Forms, and DLI Program lessons learned to facilitate orientation to the DLI Program in Dhaka for the newly arrived DLI Program participants (DLI junior officers and supervisors).

b) Work closely with DLI junior officers and supervisors to support the establishment of appropriate work objectives and performance measures, Individual Development Plans, rotation memos, and rotation schedules relevant to the USAID Foreign Service skills matrix and backstop-specific requirements.

c) Serve as the Mission's primary point of contact for DLI junior officers when they have been assigned to Bangladesh. Provide resources, guidance, advice, and support to DLI junior officers before and after arriving in Dhaka to effectively navigate organizational processes and operate within the USAID work environment.

d) Work closely with all DLI junior officers' supervisors to improve understanding of the DLI Program and identify opportunities for DLI junior officer rotations. Actively solicit and identify rotations and other opportunities within the Missions and communicate them amongst the group of DLI junior officers.

e) Assist rotation supervisors in understanding rotation objectives and to identify optimal work opportunities for the DLI junior officers. Maintain regular contact and communication with rotation supervisors during DLI junior officers' rotations to assess progress toward rotation objectives. Ensure workloads are adequate for the DLI junior officers. 

f) Facilitate DLI Program-related meetings and participate in DLI Program-related committees.

g) Coordinate the preparation, clearance and approval of DLI junior officer Memoranda of Agreement for all assignments to Bangladesh.


•2)    Ensure DLI Program is relevant to training needs of DLI junior officers        20%

As the DLI Program is tailored to the training needs of each DLI junior officer, based on their Individual Development Plan (IDP), the DLI Coordinator will:

a) Remain cognizant of each DLI junior officer's IDP and background (experience, skills and areas for strengthening); training progress in the Mission, and overall contribution to the Mission. The DLI Coordinator is to have a comprehensive picture of a DLI junior officer's Mission experience, progress, and contribution.

b) Liaise with DLI Program participants - DLI junior officers, their supervisors and their mentors, to identify opportunities to address IDP-specific training needs, including areas for strengthening and areas for excelling. Advocate for individualized formal training and work opportunities that specifically address each DLI junior officer's IDP.

c) Collaborate with Mission management to identify a core set of tasks/activities every DLI junior officer is to complete. Identify these opportunities and track to ensure every DLI junior officer has accomplished the core tasks within the two-year training tour (e.g., participate in a technical evaluation committee, serve as a control officer, attend a donor coordination meeting, etc.).

d) Develop training tracking plans and matrices, feedback sheets and evaluation forms to ensure that DLI rotations are productive for the junior officer, that the rotation supervisor has an opportunity to provide input to the official DLI supervisor and that the DLI officer will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the efficacy of the assigned rotation. 


•3)    Coordinate the training development and administrative support requirements of the DLI program with the Executive Office.                                                15%          

a) Oversee the submission of all NSDD-38 clearances and approvals and the annual budget for each officer in consultation with the EXO, Controller, the USAID Front Office, and the Post Management Officer.

b) Plan and carry out a DLI orientation for all new DLIs coming to the missions---including basic information related to payroll, WebTA, etc.-in coordination with HR and Controller's office.

c) Ensure documentation and record keeping related to DLI Individual Development Plans (IDPs) is updated in light of training taken, training scheduled, and new opportunities in coordination with the supervisor and DLI junior officer.

d) Develop and manage the DLI training curriculum.

e) Coordinate with EXO/HR to locate, contract (if necessary), and supervise logistics and administration for instructors (USAID staff in the region, retired USAID officers, and/or USAID Washington staff).

f)  Collaborate with instructors to design, develop, and implement training modules and to assess the progress of participants.

g) Work with EXO/HR to provide recommendations and advice to DLIs on instructor-led and web-based training opportunities at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), in Washington. Assist the Mission to schedule and access the USAID/W training contracts for instructor-led training in Dhaka.

h) Liaise with HR and other Bureaus in Washington to request and schedule instructor-led training on site in Dhaka to increase the impact of training funds spent at post.


•4)    Synergize DLI Program as a resource to Mission.                                               15%


a) Liaise with Mission management to keep abreast of Mission human resource needs (including quick turn-around requests and/or visitors from USAID/Washington, organizing key Mission events, etc.) and identify strategies to meet those needs via DLI junior officer training opportunities.

b) Attend Mission's senior management/core team meetings and keep Mission management informed of DLI Program implementation, identifying areas of convergence between the Mission needs and the DLI Program.

c) Work closely with office rotation supervisors to ensure rotations are relevant training opportunities and also support the office in getting work accomplished.

d) As appropriate, coordinate USAID DLI mentoring and training activities with the Embassy's Entry Level Professionals (ELP) program.

•5)    Serve as the Mission's resource on DLI Program policies, requirements, resources and practices.                                                                             15%

 a) Remain cognizant of policies issued by USAID/Washington affecting the DLI Program including the DLI Reference Manual (mandatory reference for ADS 459), Agency Notices, and key resources such as USAID/W/OHR's DLI website.

b) Advise on and, at times, draft Mission-wide policies and update the Mission Order related to the DLI Program for Mission Director/Deputy Mission Director approval.  Specifically, work to establish a Mission-wide policy on the approval process for DLI junior officers to participate in non-mandatory trainings that address IDP-specific training needs.

c) Gain an understanding of, and remain familiar with, how the DLI Program is being implemented in USAID/Washington and in other Missions worldwide to ensure consistency and incorporate best practices in Dhaka.

d) Serve as the primary liaison with the USAID's DLI Coordinator and USAID/W/Asia Bureau's DLI Coordinator.

e) Liaise with the Senior Management Team/DLI junior officer supervisors to advocate on behalf of the DLI Program.

f) Coordinate and arrange for TDY rotations to other posts, if necessary.

g) Prepare reports documenting all programming and performance.

h) Develop and maintain a strong mentoring program at the Mission by:

  •  Providing guidance and coaching for the Mission's mentors;

  • Providing guidance for mentoring, including information on selecting mentors, the roles of mentors and protégé, beginning and ending a mentoring relationships, and setting and achieving goals for a productive mentor-protégé relationship;

  • Tracking the DLI mentor protégé relationships, meeting with them at least once each quarter to track progress, analyze problems or provide corrective solutions, if necessary to improve the mentoring relationship;

  • Serving as a sounding board to listen to DLI issues and concerns;

  • Providing advice and guidance to first tour officers regarding their roles and as subordinates in the office; working with an office chief, working with local staff, etc.;

  • Making recommendations for ending non-functioning mentor-protégé relationships;

  • Making recommendations to improve training rotations to Office Chiefs, and to the Front Office; and

  • Preparing reports documenting all programming and performance.

 •6)    Other tasks, as assigned or needed.                                                                        5%

The DLI Program depends entirely on the needs of DLI Program participants. Therefore, the DLI Coordinator shall remain flexible to support and coordinate in the Mission to address those needs throughout the duration of the DLI Program


 Education (10 points): Master's degree required, with special consideration for candidates with a degree in Education/Training, Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Psychology, or other relevant field.


Job Knowledge (20 points):  Thorough understanding of USG or other international organizations, including how USG or other international organizations operate, their programs, strategies and effective practices, and an understanding of the inter-relationships of different technical and support offices of an organization (10 points).  Thorough understanding of adult education and professional training programs, mentoring relationships and fostering newly recruited officers is required (10 points).


Skills and abilities (50 points):  Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication, and leadership skills.  Demonstrated ability to train senior officers how to achieve learning objectives for the junior officers assigned to them through the use of rotations in various offices in the Mission.  Demonstrated ability to train senior-level officers to perform their training and mentoring roles.  Proven ability to counsel both junior-, mid-, and senior- level officers.  Demonstrated ability to track and document progress (or lack thereof) for all newly recruited officers under the Development Leadership Initiative program.  Proven ability to independently establish and maintain contacts with senior- and junior-level officers.  Excellent word processing and spreadsheet program skills.


Prior Work Experience (20 points):  Demonstrated experience and expertise with the design, development, and implementation of relevant training programs (10 points).  Demonstrated experience and expertise with USG or International Organization processes and procedures, including writing and reviewing Annual Evaluation Forms, supervising staff, participating in the development of Operational Plans, and other key administrative responsibilities (10 points).

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Package #1 Solicitation of DLI Coordinator USPSC March 27, 2011.doc Solicitation for DLI Coordinator position, USAID/Bangladesh
Package #1 Solicitation of DLI Coordinator USPSC March 27, 2011.doc Solicitation for DLI Coordinator position, USAID/Bangladesh
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