Federal contract opportunity RFQP01091400006 for fluid milk manufacturing at Bureau of Prisons FMC Lexington, response was due Jan 27, 2014.

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D-1 $.199 EACH

D-2 $1.65 PER LB

D-3 $1.13 PER LB

Please read carefully and review each package; package 1 has been corrected so it reflects the correct RFQP01091400006. PackageĀ 2 National Menu Specifications Quote Sheet was edited to include in the Header the requesting institution and the requirement is for the 2nd Quarter FY 14, Deliveries will not be accepted before 02/01/2014

Please see the attached cover letter, SF1449 and the requirements.

Package File Description
RFQP01091400006 RFQ01091400006.pdf SF1449
Requirements/Specs DairyRequirementsFebthroughMar2014Specs.docx Requirements and Specifications for Dairy products at FMC Lexington Februar...
Package #1 PreSolicitationNoticeFebruarythroughMarch2014.rtf Cover Letter
Amendment 3 DairyRequirementsFebthroughMar2014Specs.docx National Menu Specification Quote Sheet
Amendment 1 SolicitationNoticeFebruarythroughMarch2014.rtf Corrected Cover Letter
Amendment 2 Dairy2ndQTRFY12.pdf Corrected National Menu Specification Quote Sheet
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