Federal contract opportunity VA25914I0292 for other computer related services at VA Rocky Mountain Consolidated Contracting Center Department of Veterans Affairs.

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This is a Request for Information only. The requiring office is not looking for any proposals, but only information to build a Statement of Work for the requirement stated below. Responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract.

The requirement is for the Sheridan VA Healthcare System (SVAHCS) - Education Department located at 1898 Fort Rd., Sheridan WY 82801

Request all interested vendors to submit to the Contracting Officer, via email, possible solutions, ideas, sample statement of works addressing the requirement as stated below.

Vendors are requested to provide the Company's name, address, Duns number, NAICS code this requirement would fall under and POC information.

Contracting Officer: Ricky Robins

Email: ricky.robins@va.gov


SVAHCS is seeking information from Business Integrators that can provide an integrated solution to a preexisting simulation and distance learning program in order to build a Statement of Work / Performance Work Statement.

The integration solution must provide the VA with the ability to provide an audio and video platform that will support the simulation training modality that has the flexibility to operate in the lab and In Situ with the following requirements:

Program Effectiveness

It is important that this technology is intuitive easy- to- use and can be controlled from multiple

locations on multifarious devices.

Just In Time Instruction - Learners must be able to access a video library stored on a centrally located server 24 hours a day from their PC work station, tablet, or smart phone.

Video formats should be compatible with Mac and PC platforms including tablets and IPADS.


System must be able to operate from within the VA's robust security network.

The software must be user name and password protected and HIPAA compliant for clinical video recordings.

Product must be equipped with the ability to automatically delete and archive folders/files within specified time frame. Server space should be divided so that instructional videos and videos used for research can be stored indefinitely.

Software must have the capability to audit system and user activity as well as access.

A manual mass delete system must be included.


Video should have the ability to be marked or referenced during recording for easy indexing during playback with the capability of adding notes during the recording.

Recording should be enabled or activated with one click or no click or a push button option. Playback should be simple using an easy search box configuration that is used to find and playback video content.

Recording must have the ability to synchronize multiple camera and video inputs.

Video Editing should be included to allow for production of short video clips to be included in the SVAHCS video library. These videos should have the ability to be saved into most video formats for play back on multiple platforms. However, it must be able to save videos in MPEG format for use on the VA's Talent Management System.

Cameras/ Audio

Cameras should be High Definition to 780 P or better and can be accessed through the network.

Should have IP communications and digital processing which produces a high quality video stream and completely synchronized audio / video. System should be able to minimize network bandwidth and storage requirements.

Cameras should have audio capability for sound capture and a talk back feature.

Standard definition, high definition, and pan tilt, zoom, IP cameras are all supported providing numerous installation and upgrade options.

Audio and Video recordings must be centrally stored and accessible from a single server from local and remote locations.


The system must have a portability element for in situ simulation and function within the centrally located server. It must be compact, easy to set up, take down and packed in damage proof/water proof case. This system must be easy integrated into the VA's Telehealth network for broadcast to other locations.