Federal contract opportunity FA850914-R-30002 for aircraft manufacturing at Air Force Materiel Command PK/PZ - Robins AFB, response was due Feb 21, 2014.

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This acquisition is for Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for the AN/AAQ-39 Sensor System used on the AC-130U H Gunship aircraft operating at or deployed from Continental United States (CONUS) locations. The following items apply: Items 0001/1001/2001/3001/4001, 1 Lot, Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) In-Plant/Orlando; Items 0002/1002/2002/3002/4002, 1 Lot, Travel & Per Diem; Items 0003/1003/2003/3003/4003, 1 Lot, CLS Off-Site/Hurlburt Field FL; Items 0004/1004/2004/3004/4004, 1 Lot, Contractor Furnished Material (CFM); Items 0005/1005/2005/3005/4005, 1 Lot, Deployment; Items 0006/1006/2006/3006/4006, 1 Lot, Operational Contingencies; Items 0007/1007/2007/3007/4007, 1 Lot, Data in accordance with DD Form 1423-1, Contract Data Requirements List. This requirement is for a basic contract period of nine (9) months with four (4) twelve (12) month annual options.  No technical data is available.   Electronic procedures will be used for this solicitation. Request For Proposal (RFP) FA8509-14-R-30002 will follow.  See WEB page at http://www.fedbizops.gov/.  The estimated award date is 31 Mar 2014.

This requirement is sole source to Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, 5600 Sandlake Road, Orlando FL 32819-8907, MFC - 96214.  Justification:  10 U.S.C. 2304 (c) (1), Only One Or A Limited Number of Responsible Sources, and No Other Supplies Or Services Will Satisfy Agency Requirements. 

All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation which shall be considered by the agency.  Foreign participation is not permitted and the acquisition is restricted to domestic sources.  All potential offerors should contact the buyer/PCO identified below for additional information and or to communicate concerns, if any, concerning this acquisition.  See numbered notes 22 & 23 at WEB page http://www.eps.gov/Numbered_Notes.html/.  See local note F at WEB page http://pkec.robins.af.mil/wrlcnt.htm/.

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Amendment 1 FA8509-14-R-30002-0001.pdf RFP AMENDMENT FA8509-14-R-30002-0001
Amendment 1 AN_AAQ-39_PWS,_PR_FD2060-14-30002,_27_Jan_2014.pdf REVISED PERFORMANCE-BASED WORK STATEMENT
POST AWARD NOTICE Redacted_J_and_A,_Contract_FA8509-14-C-0005,_AN_AAQ-39_EO_TDS_CLS.pdf REDACTED J&A
Solicitation 1 FA8509-14-R-30002.pdf Request For Proposal (RFP) FA8509-14-R-30002
Solicitation 1 Wage_Determination_Number_2005-2123,_Revision_13,_13_Jun_2012,_14-R-30002.txt Wage Determination Number 2005-2123
Solicitation 1 Wage_Determination_Number_2005-2517,_Revision_No_16,_13_Jun_2012,_14-R-30002.txt Wage Determination Number 2005-2517
Solicitation 1 Wage_Determination_Number_2005-3033,_Revision_12,_13_Jun_2012,_14-R-30002.txt Wage Determination 2005-3033
Solicitation 1 Attachment_1,_Clauses_Applicable_To_Performance_In_Iraq_And_Afghanistan,_14-R-30002.pdf Attachment 1, Clauses Applicable To Performance In Iraq And Afghanistan
Solicitation 1 AN_AAQ-39_CDRLs,_PR_FD2060-14-30002.pdf AN/AAQ-39 Contract Data Requirements Lists
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