Federal contract opportunity SPE4A613R0631 for other aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment manufacturing at DLA Acquisition Locations DLA Contracting Services Office - Richmond.

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This solicitation will contain one NSN for a Composite Repair Set, Aircraft.  This solicitation will be solicited for award of a Definitive Quantity Contract, for a firm fixed price buy with no option for a QTY of 10 ea.  This is a 3Z item.  FOB Destination with Inspection and Acceptance at Destination.  This item a part number from an approved source of supply: Heatcon Composite Systems, Cage 0ED96, P/N HCS9200B.  Solicitation is a surge, unrestrictive on an Other Than Full and Open competitive basis. The final contract award decision may be based upon a combination of price, past performance, and other evaluation factors as described in the solicitation.  Required delivery is 83 days ARO.  It is a Critical Safety Item and Commercial with Configuration Control.  This solicitation includes provision 52.215-9023, Reverse Auction.  Since a Reverse Auction may be conducted, offerors are encouraged to access the Procurex system and review the Reverse Auction help tutorials at: http://dla.procurexinc.com to learn more about how to participate in an auction. The solicitation issue date is on or about April 2, 2013. The anticipated aviation award date is May 2, 2013. A copy of the solicitation will be available via the Business Systems Modernization DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) Website https://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/ on the issue date cited in the RFP.  From the DIBBS Homepage, select "Requests for Proposal (RFP) under the solicitation heading.   In the search Categories click in the Solicitation Number and type the RFP you wish to download and click the Submit button.  RFPs are in portable document format (PPDF). To download and view these documents you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This software is available free at: http://www.adobe.com.  A paper copy of this solicitation will not be available to requestors. 

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