Federal contract opportunity NLM-10-132-UHP for libraries and archives at National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine, response was due Jul 21, 2010.

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This Sources Sought Notice is for informational and planning purposes only and shall not be construed as a solicitation or as an obligation or commitment by the Government. This notice is intended strictly for Market Research.

National Library of Medicine (NLM) is conducting a market survey to help determine the availability and technical capability of qualified small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses and/or HUBZone small businesses capable of serving the needs identified below.

The National Library of Medicine annually acquires over 400 monographs in the Japanese language, and it has an arrearage of over 900 titles in this language which the Cataloging Section is mandated to eliminate during the next fiscal year. NLM requires ongoing assistance in cataloging these monographs since it does not have the necessary resources or the language expertise to catalog them.

Contracted cataloging assistance has been an essential activity for the last several years during which the Cataloging Section contracted for the cataloging of foreign language materials in order to meet its mandate of providing bibliographic control and for announcing the Library's acquisitions to the biomedical library community.

The purpose of this purchase order is to acquire copy or limited cataloging of 200-350 Japanese language monographs. Cataloging shall include the vernacular script elements of the description.

The project entails limited or copy cataloging for a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 350 Japanese language monographs. The tasks of the project include: 1) searching an outside source (i.e., OCLC) to retrieve copy cataloged records when available and identifying any duplicates to be returned to NLM uncataloged; 2) completing the cataloging, including vernacular script descriptive elements, subject analysis, classification, and authority work, according to established cataloging rules and NLM copy cataloging procedures; and 3) preparing limited cataloging records for items for which no available copy is identified, according to established cataloging rules, including vernacular script descriptive elements, subject analysis, classification, and authority work, and following NLM cataloging procedures.

Vendor Requirements

Independently and not as an agent of the Government, the vendor shall furnish services, qualified personnel, material, equipment, and facilities, not otherwise provided by the Government under the terms of this purchase order, as needed to perform the work as stated above.

This Sources Sought notice is not a Request for Proposals (RFP), nor is an RFP available. Interested firms responding to this sources sought notice must adhere to the following:

(a) Provide a capability statement demonstrating relevant experience, skills and ability to fulfill the Government's requirements for the above. The capability statement should contain enough sufficient detail for the Government to make an informed decision regarding your capabilities; however, the statement should not exceed 10 pages.

(b) The capability statement must identify the responder's small business type and size.

(c) All capability statements must be submitted electronically no later than 4:30pm Eastern Standard time on Wednesday July 21, 2010 to Ms. Uyen Phuong at phuongu@mail.nih.gov.