Federal contract opportunity 15-233-SOL-00003 for offices of physicians (except mental health specialists) at Program Support Center Division of Acquisition Management.

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Pre-Solicitation Notice
In accordance to FAR Part 5.207 -- Preparation and Transmittal of Synopses, The Department of Health and Human Services, Program Support Center, Division of Acquisition Management Services intends to issue a Request for Quote(RFQ) on behalf of Federal Occupational Health (FOH)to obtain Cardiac Testing Services.
1. Action Code: Pre-Solicitation
2. Date: September 23, 2014
3. Year: FY 2015 AWARD
4. Contracting Office Zip Code: 20852
5. Classification Code: Q - Medical Services
6. Contracting Office Address: Room 400, Twinbrook Place, 12501 Ardennes Ave., Rockville, MD 20852
7. Subject: Full and Open Competition
8. Proposed Solicitation Number: 15-233-SOL-00003
9. Closing Response: TBD
10. Contact Point: Bettie L. Hartley, bettie.hartley@psc.hhs.gov
11. Contract Award and Solicitation Number: - TBD
12. Contract Award Dollar Amount: TBD
13. Contract Line Item: TBD
14. Contract Award Date: November 2014
15. Contractor: TBD
16. Place of Performance: Orlando, FL
17. Set Aside Status: Full and Open Competition
18. Description:
To obtain cardiac testing services for Federal Occupational Health Federal employees clients, in order for FOH to deliver complete Occupational Health exams to its client government agencies in Orlando, Florida.

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