Federal contract opportunity M67399-14-Q-0013 for septic tank and related services at United States Marine Corps MCAGCC 29 Palms, response was due May 6, 2014.

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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Camp Wilson/ R800 - Portable toilets)

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial supplies prepared in accordance with the format in subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. The announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotations are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

The solicitation is being issued as a request for quotation (RFQ). RFQ # M67399-14-Q-0013

The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 05-73.

This is a restricted purchase set-aside for 100% Small Business Concerns. The North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) is 562991. The Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC) for this order is 7359. The small business size standard is 7.0 MIL. The Product Supply Code (FSC) for this order is W085.

These following commercial items are requested in this solicitation:


Quantity: 197

Quantity: 13,987

See Attachment A - Portable toilet locations for details.

The awardee of this requirement is required to be registered with, understand, and invoice through Wide Area Workflow.

The following Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) provisions and clauses are applicable to this acquisition. All provisions and clauses may be found at the following website: http://farsite.hill.af.mil/.

FAR: 52.203-3, 52.204-9, 52.204-13, 52.212-1, 52.212-2, 52.212-3, 52.212-4, 52.212-5(a) (b) (1) (2) (4) (6) (8) (10) (16) (17) (18) (19) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (40) (50) (c) (1) (2), 52.223-3, 52.223-5, 52.228-5, 52.233-1, 52.233-4, 52.237-2, 52.245-1, 52.246-2, 52.246-4, and 52.247-34.

DFARS: 252.201-7000, 252.203-7005, 252.204-7004 Alt A, 252.209-7001, 252.211-7007, 252.232-7003, 252.232-7006, 252.232-7010, 252.223-7008, 252.225-7001, 252.225-7012, 252.232-7003, 252.232-7010, 252.243-7002, and 252.247-7023.

Note: The complete provision of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.212-3 must accompany bid submittal.


The Government intends to award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible/responsive quoter whose quote conforming to the solicitation will be the most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following evaluation factors shall be used to evaluate quotations:

1. Past Performances

2. Technical capability- Quoters shall submit a capabilities statement as well as comply with all terms of the solicitation to include the Performance Work Statement.

3. Price - Quoters shall provide prices in the pricing attachment A. Pricing is to include the fee to service toilets at the delivered zone, a single price for delivery and pick-up that includes one cleaning at pickup. Quoters must provide balanced pricing; unbalanced pricing is addressed within FAR 15.404-1(g). Quoters submitting unbalanced pricing are considered a performance risk.

Attachment A - Portable toilet locations: The Government will add up the total of all CLINS. The lowest total price will be considered the lowest price.

The evaluation factors are listed in their relative order of importance (descending order of importance).

The Government intends to evaluate quotes and award a FFP contract without negotiations. The initial quote submitted must contain adequate information to ascertain the contractor's ability to comply with all requirements of the solicitation and should contain the quoter's best terms from a price and technical standpoint. The Government reserves the right to conduct negotiations with one or more quoter's if determined by the Contracting Officer to be necessary.

A written notice of award or acceptance of a quote, mailed or otherwise furnished to the successful quoter's within the time for acceptance specified in the quote, shall result in a binding contract without further action by either party. Before the quoter's specified expiration time, the Government may accept an offer (or part of an offer), whether or not there are negotiations after its receipt, unless a written notice of withdrawal is received before award.

The Zone Grid Map is available for pick up at the Regional Contracting Office (RCO) no later than 2 days from the date of this solicitation. Quoters may request that a map be delivered via UPS or FEDEX only. In that case, Quoters shall provide the RCO a next day shipping label to their place of business no later than 2 days from the date of this solicitation. Distribution of electronic versions will NOT be provided.

Delivery Address:
Regional Contracting Office
ATTN: Sgt Sanchez, Jonathan
BOX 788153
Twenty nine Palms, CA 92278-8153


1.0. Introduction: The Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office (RCO) is procuring portable toilet rental and servicing on behalf of the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Center (MAGTFTC)/Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), Twenty nine Palms, California.

2.0. Background: The MAGTFTC/MCAGCC is a vast training center located in the lower Mojave Desert, approximately 70 miles north of Palms Springs. The installation is primarily utilized for desert war fighting training, and contains numerous ranges covering approximately 716,800 acres where military exercises are held at varying times throughout the year. Many of the ranges are accessible by rough terrain, requiring the use of 4x4 vehicles. Some ranges are accessible by direct routes; however, if live-fire exercises are occurring, Range Control will close down the route and alternative routes with significantly longer travel times may be required.

2.1. The amount of usage varies with the size, number, and frequency of exercises. Historically, the larger exercises were called Mojave Viper (MV) and Enhanced Mojave Viper (EMV) exercises. These exercises consisted of training approximately 3000-6000 Marines on a monthly basis. These exercises were centered on training for Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (OEF). A majority of the training was centered on close quarters training in a town like setting. As operations OIF and OEF have scaled down, the Marine Corps has transitioned to Integrated Training Exercises (ITX) and Large Scale Exercises (LSE). The historically high usage ranges have been phased out. Exercise transition to ITX and LSE will consist of training approximately 6000-10,000 Marines. The ITX and LSE focus on the coordination of the entire MAGTF and will utilize more training space at MCAGCC; therefore, the training in the town like settings has declined as the ITX/LSE training evolves. We've issued several contracts to support the ITX training. Typically the ITX training evolutions required up to 800 toilets.

2.2. There are over 400 miles of Main Surface Roads (MSR). The MSRs are not paved and sporadically maintained. Rain, Flash Floods and other Acts of God make some roads periodically impassable. Many of the roads lie in dry washes or cross dry washes. During periods of rain, the roads can be washed out to depths of 10 feet. In addition to the MSR, there are over 400 miles of trails that are not maintained and must be traversed utilizing 4 x 4 vehicles. The speed limit in all training areas is 25 miles per hour.

2.3. The base currently consists of three corridors. The west corridor begins just northwest of main side and continues north by northwest to the southwest of the Bullion Mountains running approximately from coordinates 84009100 up to 48004000. The delta corridor runs from the storage lot due north between the Bullion Mountains running approximately from coordinates 88008500 up to 88003100. The east corridor begins approximately from coordinate 97009575 due north up to 95752600. There are plans to utilize another corridor, currently unnamed, for which there will be future use which will run west to east from coordinate 36002700 to 10002700.

3.0. Scope of Work: The Contractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, tools, materials, equipment, transportation, and other items necessary to provide the supplies/services required herein throughout the training ranges of MAGTFTC/MCAGCC with the exception of the Government Furnished Equipment and Material listed in paragraph 5.4. The scope of this contract covers portable toilets that are used to support the MAGTFTC/MCAGCC various training programs. Not included in the scope of work are portable toilets utilized for special events in support of the Marine Corps Community Service mission, such as concerts and sporting events.

4.0. Applicable Directives/Definitions:
Contracting Officer's Representative (COR). An individual appointed in writing by the Contracting Officer who is responsible for the technical direction and evaluation of the contractor's performance.
Government Furnished Equipment (GFE). Equipment furnished to the contractor in support of the contract.
Contractor Furnished Equipment (CFE). Equipment furnished by the contractor in support of the contract.

5.0 Performance Requirements.

5.1. Personnel.

5.1.1. Project Manager: The Contractor shall provide a Project Manager who shall be designated as the primary point of contact and who shall be responsible for the daily performance of the contract. The name of this person and alternate(s), who shall act for the Contractor when the manager is absent, shall be designated in writing and approved by the Contracting Officer. The Project Manager may be required to meet weekly with the Contracting Officer during the first month of the contract to insure a smooth transition. Subsequent meetings will be held as necessary. The Project Manager or alternate shall be available within two (2) hours, during normal working hours to meet with government personnel designated by the Contracting Officer to discuss problem areas. After normal hours, the manager shall be available with-in four (4) hours.

5.1.2. Contractor Personnel: Contractor personnel shall be well trained and proficient in their assigned tasks, present a neat appearance, and be easily recognized by wearing distinctive clothing bearing the name of the company or by wearing appropriate badges. No item of military clothing or clothing resembling military clothing may be worn. All employees of the contractor must be able to read, write, and understand English. The contractor shall not employ any person who is an employee of the United States Government if the employment of that person would create a conflict of interest nor shall the contractor employ any person who is an employee of the United States Marine Corps, either military or civilian, unless such person seeks and receives approval in accordance with Joint Ethics Regulations.

5.2. Hours of Operation: Normal work hours are Sunday through Saturday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, due to operational commitments, toilets and/or services may also be required after normal working hours and holidays. Work may frequently be required on short notice (4 hours response time), however; at least 48 hours advance notice of requirements will be given if possible.

5.3. Providing and Servicing Portable Toilets.

5.3.1. General: The contractor shall provide the required number of portable toilets that are specified for each location. For the purpose of this contract, furnishing portable toilets shall coincide with the cleaning of the toilets, except for pick-up and delivery charges. The contractor may be required to divert long distances due to road closures caused by Range Control or as a result of flash floods and other adverse weather conditions. The government shall not be charged for aborted delivery or service attempts. The contractor should anticipate an increase in usage on short notice among multiple ranges. This increase is known as "White Space" training. White space training is unplanned, unanticipated training that occurs with minimal lead time as result of training ranges becoming available for use by unit commanders who decide to take advantage of the opportunity to expand their training experience aboard MAGTFTC/MCAGCC. The increase in usage may result in, but not limited to, changes from every other day service to everyday service or requests for additional toilets due to the highly diverse nature of the training conducted aboard MAGTFTC/MCAGCC.

5.3.2. Portable Toilet Specifications: Portable toilets shall be made with a HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE construction which are impervious to moisture, have urinals securely fastened to the tank or structure, have adequate drain flow, be of the non-flush type, skid mounted, and shall have a toilet seat, a toilet paper holder designed for that purpose, screened ventilation, an outside door handle, and an inside locking door latch. Toilets provided under this contract need not be new, but are to be in serviceable condition, without holes or chemical leaks, of a material having a nonabsorbent finish, and the doors, hinges, and latches shall operate as intended. COLLAPSIBLE AND WOOD TOILETS, FIBERGLASS TOILET AND TOILETS WITH OPEN GRID FLOORING ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Contractor shall ensure that all portable toilets are STAKED OR TIED DOWN to prevent spillage. Placement of sand bags, to include inside or on top of, to secure the toilets is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Contractor shall ensure portable toilets are not placed within 20 feet of any storm channel or natural wash.

5.3.3. Delivery Requirements: The government will require the contractor to deliver, locate, and service portable toilets in rough terrain or unpaved areas. Therefore, delivery to and servicing at these areas require the contractor to use heavy duty four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles.

5.3.4. Delivery Charges: Delivery and pick-up charges shall be a combined fee to include one servicing at the time of pick-up, and shall include all costs associated with delivery and pickup. Delivery charges shall be billed at the time delivery is made, regardless of when pickup will occur. Delivery charges are also applicable when an order is placed and accepted and subsequently cancelled after the delivery has been made.

5.3.5. Orders for Delivery: When placing orders for delivery, the government will provide an eight-digit grid coordinate that designates the location that the portable toilets are to be placed. Toilets that are misplaced as a result of the contractor's misreading of the map shall be relocated at no additional charge.

5.3.6. Removal: The contractor shall remove all portable toilets from training areas within three (3) working days of completion of the order or notification of any early termination of services.

5.3.7. Routine Portable Toilet Cleaning: The contractor shall provide cleaning of toilets at the intervals specified (i.e. daily, twice per week, etc.). The initial placement of a toilet does not constitute the first cleaning of the purchase order. Service stickers are mandatory and are to be located on the inside of the portable toilet door showing the date of cleaning services and the individual performing those services. Trash shall be removed by the contractor, placed in sealed trash bags and driven from the site to the nearest trash receptacle. Trash from sites other than MAGTFTC/MCAGCC shall not be placed in government trash receptacles. Excessive trash will be brought to the attention of the COR and/or the Contracting Officer. The contractor may reserve their obligation to service the unit(s) in question if servicing of the unit may be harmful to the operators (i.e. suspected ammunition in the portable toilet). The COR shall be notified immediately of such situations, and the contractor shall follow the COR's instructions. Resupply toilets whenever serviced with adequate supplies to maintain the serviceability between servicing. A minimum of two (2) rolls of 2-ply quality toilet paper shall be placed in toilets, provide an odorless disinfectant and maintain fluid of between five (5) to seven (7) gallons. Provide and utilize chemicals that have been approved for use in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, and all applicable Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of the Navy (DON) regulations. The contractor shall comply with sustainable acquisition policies, which apply to both contracts for supplies and services that require the delivery, use, or furnishing of products. Sustainable acquisition includes products that are energy-efficient and water-efficient, biobased, environmentally preferable, non-ozone depleting, are made with recovered materials, or use renewable energy technologies. See FAR Part 23. The contractor shall comply with all changes to sustainable acquisition policies (e.g., addition of USDA-designated items), and such compliance will not be grounds for contract modification or equitable adjustment.

5.3.8. Emergency Services: The government may require the contractor to provide additional cleaning and maintenance services when directed by the Contracting Officer or COR. Standard: The contractor shall respond to calls for service within four (4) hours of being notified during normal work hours, or twelve (12) hours after normal working hours. Response is measured at the contractor's arrival on base, not the response to the service location.

5.3.9. Toilet Maintenance: As part of the service fees, the contractor shall maintain and repair toilets as necessary to keep them in good working order and with a good appearance. All dirt, mud, dust, markings, and graffiti shall be removed from the interior and exterior of the toilets. When it appears to the contractor that damages to a unit are due to deliberate and extensive abuse by government personnel, the contractor shall contact the COR to arrange a joint inspection prior to commencing repairs. The determination of the COR concerning government responsibility is final and adverse determination shall not constitute grounds for contractor claim or equitable adjustment. Claims for excessive damages or total losses as a result of government action or inaction shall be treated as a contract claim and handled under the disputes clause. Any required repairs or replacement of equipment, including but not limited to urinals, latches, hinges, toilet paper dispensers, and toilet seats shall be made within 24 hours after notice by the COR or Contracting Officer. In the event the toilet is leaking, the toilet shall be removed from service immediately. Standard: Repairs or replacement of non-repairable/unserviceable units shall be made within twenty-four (24) hours of discovery by the contractor's personnel or notification by the government. Failure of the contractor's personnel to report the problem will not be an acceptable reason for non-performance.

5.4. Government Furnished Facilities, Equipment, and material.

5.4.1. Government Furnished Facilities: Dumping Stations: One (1) government owned dump station located at MAGTFTC/MCAGCC is available for use under this contract. The primary dump station is located at (3850D) located on Berkley Avenue across from the Ocotillo 7-Day Store. The contractor will be notified by the Contracting Officer or the Facilities Maintenance Department (FMD) when the primary dumping station is not available and an alternate dumping station must be used. The contractor is STRICTLY PROHIBITED from dumping wastes from portable toilets from other than those serviced under this contract. Water Stations: There are two water issue points (WIP) located on MCAGCC. One is at WIP 1936 at the intersection of 10th Street and Del Valle Road. The second WIP is located at the intersection of Camp Wilson Road and Coyote Valley Road, Camp Wilson. The use of fire hydrants may be requested by the contractor after contract award. The authority for use of fire hydrants will be Public Works Division, Facilities Maintenance Branch. If authorized for such use, the contractor shall use a Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Assembly (RP Unit). Failure of the contractor to utilize a RP Unit will result in the government rescinding Water Station privileges. Permission to use fire hydrants is in the sole discretion of the government, and refusal of permission shall not constitute grounds for contractor claim or request for equitable adjustment or excuse performance.

5.4.2. Government Furnished Equipment: The government will supply the contractor with radios for use in communicating with Range Control when delivering, servicing, or picking up toilets in training areas. The contractor shall reconcile with the government for accountability of the radios on a monthly basis. The contractor shall reimburse the government for any lost or damaged radios. The government may elect to deduct the cost of lost or damaged radios from payment of pending invoices.
5.4.3. Government Furnished Material: The Government will supply the contractor with water to be used in the performance of this contract from area WIPs. Water will be available to the Contractor during the normal hours of operations stated herein. Contractor trucks receiving government-supplied water must be equipped with the appropriate backflow or Air Gap devices according to California State regulations.

5.5. The contractor is responsible for quality control. The government will conduct quality assurance in accordance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP), which describes how government personnel will evaluate and assess contractor performance. The QASP will be revised or modified as circumstances warrant. An informational copy of the QASP will be furnished to the contractor after award.

5.6. The contractor shall reconcile with the COR bi-weekly during training exercises.

*** It is very important that all vendors and contractors follow all instructions provided below, when quotes are submitted ***

Please include affirmative certification of ability to comply with Required Delivery Date. Additional information required in quotation: DUNS #, CAGE CODE #, and TIN #.

The Government is seeking F.O.B Destination. Tentatively, the period of performance is May 12, 2014 through September 30, 2014. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sgt Sanchez, Jonathan at 760-830-5124 or Email: Jonathan.N.Sanchez@usmc.mil.

All questions are due by 1200 (12:00 PM) PST May 2nd, 2014. Questions shall be directed to Sgt Sanchez, Jonathan, Contract Specialist, Email: Jonathan.N.Sanchez@usmc.mil. Questions are requested to be submitted via Email. Answers to all questions received will be posted via amendment to this solicitation no later than 1200 (12:00 PM) PST May 5th, 2014.

Quotations are due by 1400 (2:00 PM) PST May 6th, 2014 at the Regional Contracting Office, MCAGTFTC/MCAGCC, Bldg. 1102, Door 21, Twenty nine Palms, CA 92278-6053, ATTN: Sgt Sanchez, Jonathan, Contract Specialist, Telephone # 760-830-5124, Email: Jonathan.N.Sanchez@usmc.mil. Faxed quotations will not be accepted.

Expected award date is 1600 (4:00 PM) PST May 7th, 2014.

Please submit your quotations via any method listed below:


Federal Express or mail courier

Hand-Carried to the Office

For quotes delivered by hand, quoters are advised that entry to the installation is restricted, and quoters are directed to familiarize themselves with the entry control location and process. Entry processing time is unpredictable and can be lengthy. The addressee indicated above may be able to facilitate entry processing, but is not required to do so, and inability to gain access shall not excuse late delivery.
If quotes are submitted in different formats requiring different delivery methods, the quote of record shall be the last complete version received prior to the deadline.

For email quotes, the Government office designated for receipt of the quote is the email inbox of the addressee indicated above. Notwithstanding the provisions at FAR 52.212-1(c) or FAR 52.215-1(c)(3), delivery is not accomplished until the addressee can open the email; delivery to a server or an email inbox on a server is not considered delivery to the designated Government office and the quotation is not under the Government's control until the addressee can open the email. The email shall not be considered to be delivered unless the entire content of the email and all attachments can be read by the addressee indicated above. Receipt of an electronic acknowledgment from the addressee establishes that a record was received but does not establish that the content sent corresponds to the content received. Email attachments are limited to no more than 2MB. Quoters are specifically warned that email may be subjected to spam filters or attachment stripping.

All transmissions must clearly state the solicitation number and the name of the contracting specialist on the first page to ensure proper receipt.
Attention is directed to FAR 52.212-1(c), concerning late submissions. Quoters are responsible for allowing adequate time for transmission to be completed. The quoter bears the risk of non-receipt of transmissions, and should ensure that all pages of the proposal (and any authorized modifications) have been received by the designated office before the deadline indicated. Pages of a transmission that arrive after the deadline will not be considered.
The Government may make award based solely on the quote received.

MCAGCC Access/Security Requirements-Contractor and Contractor-Employee Access Conditions:

1. Access Procedures Are Mandatory: The contractor shall comply with all current access procedures throughout all performance periods under this contract, and changes to these procedures shall not constitute grounds for contractor claims or request for equitable adjustment. All contractor employees are required to obtain business access or permanent business access. Daily access procedures must not be used to circumvent background check requirements outlined below. Attempts to improperly use daily access procedures may result in denial of access to the involved employees.

2. Business Access: Required for contractor employees requiring access for periods from one day to one year. Submit the following:
• A valid form of Federal or state government I.D.
• If driving a motor vehicle, a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
• Proof of employment on a valid Government contract (e.g., a letter from the prime contractor including contract number and term).
• Proof of an employee background check conducted within the past year covering the previous two years.

Contractor employee background checks are conducted at contractor expense. The background check:

(a) must establish the employee's citizenship or legal alien status. Acceptable documents include birth certificate, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) forms and passports.
(b) must include proof of a criminal records check from the county or state where the employee resided for the previous two years (or length of legal residence for foreign nationals in the U.S. for less than two years).
(c) will be subject to Government verification via the FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Interstate Identification Index (III). If the background check is selected for verification, the employee will be required to submit fingerprint records to the FBI Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) database. NCIC checks and fingerprinting will be performed at Government expense.

Note: All contractor personnel performing work under this contract requiring access to the military installation shall obtain personal entry and a vehicle pass from the Provost Marshal's Office (PMO) of the Combat Center. For the MCAGCC/MAGTFTC, this process includes the completion of a COMBAT CENTER ACCESS AUTHORITY letter issued by the Regional Contracting Office (NW).

3. Permanent Business Access: Required for contractor employees requiring access for periods from one to three years. Submit all items listed above under "business access." NCIC check and fingerprint of all contractor employees will be conducted at Government expense. Contractor-provided background checks will be reevaluated annually, and will be updated by the contractor as required at the contractor's expense.

4. Emergency Access: Each Marine Corps installation develops its own procedures which allow the contractor quick access without compromising installation security for situations in which contractor response is crucial in order to preserve and/or restore critical facilities. The contractor is responsible for ascertaining and complying with the procedures established by each installation on which it does business.

5. Installation Access Badges: Each Marine Corps installation develops its own procedures for readily identifying contractor employees working on the installation. The installation may either provide access badges to individual contractor employees at government expense or it may require the contractor to provide badges to its employees, at its expense. The contractor is responsible for ascertaining and complying with the procedures established by each installation on which it does business.

6. Denial of Access: The Commanding General of each installation has broad authority to remove or exclude any person in fulfilling his responsibility to protect personnel and property, to maintain good order and discipline, and to ensure the successful and uninterrupted performance of the Marine Corps mission. In the exercise of this authority, the Commanding General may refuse to grant access or may bar contractor employees, including employees who have previously been granted access. Refusal to grant an employee access or barment of an employee does not relieve the Contractor of the responsibility to continue performance under this contract. Among other reasons, access may be denied if it is determined that an employee:

a. is on the National Terrorist watch List.
b. is illegally present in the United States.
c. is subject to an outstanding warrant.
d. has knowingly submitted an employment questionnaire with false or fraudulent information.
e. has been issued a debarment order and is currently banned from military installations.

7. Employee Identification: Contractor personnel performing work under this contract shall be readily identifiable as an employee of the contractor through the use of uniforms or nametags, or via an alternate method approved by the Contracting Officer.

8. Employee Compliance. The Contractor's employees shall observe and comply with all MCAGCC/MAGTFTC rules and regulations applicable to contract personnel, including those applicable to the safe operation of vehicles, and shall not be present in locations not required for the proper performance of this contract. Contractor personnel and equipment entering a military installation are subject to security checks. Contractor personnel shall follow any direction given by military police, law enforcement, or other security or safety personnel.

9. Contract Termination: The Contractor is responsible for ensuring clearances, permits, passes, or security badges are promptly returned to the issuing activity upon termination of an employee, completion of a project, or termination of a contract or subcontract.

Package File Description
Package #1 Attachment_A_-_Portable_toilet_locations.xlsx Attachment A - Portable toilet locations
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