Federal contract opportunity SPE4A513R0634 for aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing at DLA Acquisition Locations DLA Aviation - BSM.

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New solicitation# SPE4A513R0637

 PR: 0048717613 NSN 2840-01-496-9511, SPE4A5-13-R0634, Qty 2049, UNRESTRICTED APPLIES. DLA Aviation does not currently have an approved technical data package available for this NSN.  This is not a Critical Safety Item (CSI). The approved source is General Electric Cage: 99207, P/N: 5126T43P01. The requested delivery will be 365 Days ARO or best available. Automated Best Value System (ABVS) will apply; offers will be evaluated based on price offered and past performance.  FOB Destination and Inspection/Acceptance Destination will be required.  Issue date NLT April 15, 2013 & Closing date May 8, 2013. Point of Contact: Jackie Gardner Brown, Telephone 804 279 3399, FAX 804 279 5412. EMAIL: jackie.brown@dla.mil