Federal contract opportunity BelmopanHousing for new housing for-sale builders at Office of Acquisitions Acquisition Management, response was due Mar 18, 2014.

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The United States Government (‘USG’) is seeking expressions of interest from qualified landowners and/or developers for the construction and lease to the USG of a staff housing compound in Belmopan as well as two separately located residences, one for the Ambassador and one for the Deputy Chief of Mission. The staff housing compound would contain approximately 22 houses of varying sizes.  The site for the compound should be approximately twelve (12) acres, however smaller and larger sites will be considered.  The compound should be in a desirable residential neighborhood. The Ambassador’s residence should be on a property of approximately two (2) acres and the Deputy Chief Mission residence should be on a property of approximately (1) acre.  These two residences should be separate from each other and the staff housing compound.


The staff houses will vary in size and can be townhouses, patio attached homes or  individual single family dwellings.  The compound should contain recreational amenities including a swimming pool, children’s playground, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, club house with small work-out facility and open space for a soccer/softball field, plus a jogging/walking trail.  The compound must be completed and ready for occupancy November 2016.  The USG will retain the right to inspect the compound while construction takes place and refuse to take occupancy if the agreed upon specifications are not met.


The lease will provide that the USG will pay the landlord an annual rent during the term of the lease, beginning when the USG takes possession of the property.  The initial term of the lease shall be ten (10) to fourteen (14) years, renewable upon terms to be negotiated.  A Build-To-Lease (BTL) Agreement will be negotiated and executed with the successful offeror.  It will contain preliminary floor plans, site plans, specifications, exterior views, and elevations.  Detailed construction plans will then be completed and approved by the USG as part of the lease.  Aside from the rent, the USG will not provide funding for the design or construction of the compound.  The developer is required to provide all funds necessary for the land acquisition, site development, house construction, and long-term  maintenance of the property.  The lease will include an option to purchase the property. 


If you are interested in providing this compound, please submit to UNITED STATES EMBASSY, 4 FLORAL PARK ROAD, Belmopan, Belize, ATTN: Contracting Officer, Agnes Lopez, (email: LopezAL@state.gov), with an electronic copy to Glenn Dixon, DixonRG@state.gov at the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. a letter expressing your interest, requesting a bid package and including the information outlined below.  All expressions of interest must be received by 4 p.m. Belize local time, on March 17, 2014


The USG will review each expression of interest and provide a detailed bid package to those offerors who rank highest based on the information provided.  The lease will be awarded to the bidder who responds to the bid package with the most advantageous proposal to the USG, based on price, quality, location, and all other relevant factors. The USG reserves the right to cancel the solicitation if it deems the expressions of interest not to be in the best interest of the USG.


In order to be considered, expressions of interest should include the following:


Identification of the tract of land or neighborhood where you would locate the compound.  The land must be approved for the uses described above by the appropriate governmental authority.  If available, please indicate the size, location and a description (including a plot plan) of the land and evidence of your control of the site (i.e., deed, long-term lease, or option to purchase);


A demonstration that the principal firm undertaking the development has successfully completed projects of similar size, scope, and quality involving custom built residential property.  Describe the technical and managerial qualifications of the firm and its principal staff to be assigned to the project.  Provide brochures, photos, completed project lists, client references, and any other background material that demonstrates your firm’s experience with projects of this type.  Please also describe your familiarity with, and ability to obtain, local permits and licenses for the design and construction of the required facilities.  The USG requires that the design and construction quality to be of the highest standard and meet the equivalent of the International Building Code (IBC); 


A demonstration of your ability to complete the compound within the stated time, your ability to coordinate all phases of development, and information about the timely completion of previous projects of similar scope;


Evidence of your financial capacity and ability to obtain sufficient construction and long-term financing to complete the project and maintain ownership for the duration of the lease and extensions.






American Owned Bidders:   to be eligible for a 10% preference that might be available under 22 U.S.C. 302 to American-owned bidders, please provide evidence of (A) performance of similar construction work in the United States, and (B) either (I) ownership in excess of fifty percent by United States citizens or permanent residents, or (II) incorporation in the United States for

more than three years and employment of United States citizens or permanent residents in more than half of the corporation’s permanent full-time professional and managerial positions in the United States.  The burden of qualification for such preference is responsibility of the offeror. Note:  This provision may not have a decisive impact on the final decision of the USG because many other factors than rental rates are considered such as the location of the project.   

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