Federal contract opportunity HSCG31-11-C-LBA for audio and video equipment manufacturing at United States Coast Guard (USCG) Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC) West, response was due Sep 19, 2011.

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Cost for this project far exceeds our estimate. Due to lack of funding we are cancelling this solicitation.


1.1 Control of existing & new systems.

• A digital / analog matrix switcher & control system processor
- Allow to mix both digital & analog sources
- Ensure balanced audio from all sources
- Allow 8 inputs and 4 outputs minimum
- Ensure inputs available for the following systems:
1) Coast Guard Network Computer
2) Any laptop computer (PC or Mac)
3) DVD
4) VHS
5) Direct TV
6) Video conference (future system)

- Ensure outputs available for the following systems:
1) Projection on main (existing screen)
2) Projection on secondary screen
(an interactive white board projection system)
3) Computer & control system display on podium

• A touch panel control system that doubles as a computer monitor to display the same images as existing on the projection screen.
- 15" display
- Mounted to top of podium, adjustable angle for optimal viewing
- Should control all listed inputs & outputs as above
- Should include audio control for all inputs
- If able system should be upgradable to include lighting control at a later date

2.2 Upgrade of existing equipment.

• Replace section of wooden shelf with proper AV Equipment Rack
- Mount all possible systems in Equipment Rack
- Ensure rack includes power distribution with surge suppression/protection

• Wall mount existing projector in AV equipment room
- Hard mounted so could not fall off
- Ensure option to be replaced by customer during future possible upgrade.

• Replace audio mixer unit (currently wired out of DVD home theater system) with amplifier & replace ceiling speakers
- Replace the 2 existing speakers
- Include wiring & installation of 4 new ceiling speakers
- Arrange speakers to optimize sound throughout room
- It is not necessary to put new speakers in same location as existing speakers
- Speakers may continue to reside above false ceiling panels

2.3 Additional Equipment.
Install interactive whiteboard projection system on adjacent wall.
- Located on the wall where the white board is currently mounted
- Install short throw projector to avoid interference with existing lights
- Install wide format projection screen
- Request a screen w/optimal viewing area (minimum 87" diagonal up to 113")

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