Federal contract opportunity 2114304C34003 for rooming and boarding houses at United States Coast Guard (USCG) Detachment Cleveland, response was due Mar 4, 2014.

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Scope of Work
Lodging in Support of AirFac Muskegon, MI

• Require lodging from mid May 2014 to mid Sep 2014 to house rotating TDY crewmembers and support personnel.
• Two (2) - Two (2) Bedroom, Two (2) Bathroom, unfurnished apartments or hotel suites; or Four (4) hotel rooms with kitchenettes.
• Two (2) - Three (3) Bedroom, Two (2) Bathroom, unfurnished apartments or hotel suites; or Four (6)* hotel rooms with kitchenettes Must have fully furnished kitchen facility in each unit.
• Telephone, TV services (cable/satellite) and internet service provided in each apartment (paid for by lessor).
• Off-duty berthing facilities must be structured to accommodate mixed-gender crews. Since crew composition could be any combination of males and females, individual bedrooms and bathrooms are required.
• Accommodations MUST be within a 7 minute response (muster and travel) time of AIRFAC Muskegon (located at Muskegon County airport, 186 Sinclair Drive Muskegon, MI 49441). (SAR REQUIREMENT)
• Minimum of 4 vehicle parking spots.
• Accommodations will be structurally sound and in good repair (i.e. all floors will be level, staircases will not shake when being ascended/descended, wall/ceilings free of holes and large cracks).
• All carpets will be free of mold, stains, objectionable odors, and infestations.
• Walls/ceilings will be free of water, dirt, stains, damage and infestations.
• All appliances (kitchen, heating/cooling) will be clean and in working order (free of defects).
• All exterior walls will be clean and free of dirt, bird/animal/insect excrement.
• All units/accommodations need to be in the immediate vicinity of each other, due to duty crew coordination and muster requirements.
• Accommodations will be in a safe and peaceful neighborhood free of frequent domestic disputes.
• Lessor must be registered in System Award Management (SAM) in order to receive payment. www.sam.gov
• All payments will be made in arrears.

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