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Request for Information (RFI) for Radar Sensor Processing and Exploitation


The US Army, Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD), is seeking information on the sensor resource management applications, change detection technologies, aided target detection and change detection workflow tools for Ku-band radar sensors.

Sensor resource manager (SRM) applications being pursued are designed to provide a simple workflow for image collection planning by mapping a basic, user-friendly interface to the more complex sensor mode parameters (e.g. sensor update rate and coverage determined by shape drawn on a map along with a selection of the desired target type).

Change detection tools being pursued can create a change-detection image of two or more complex SAR images collected over the same area. Change detection algorithms may include coherent change detection, non-coherent change detection, polarization change detection, etc. with no limitation on the collection mode (stripmap, spotlight, etc.). Change detection tools are modular such that they can be incorporated and executed within an overarching exploitation architecture (e.g. ground station).

Change detection workflow tools being pursued address imagery archival, lookup, and registration for automated processing to ease the workload of analysts in finding image pairs eligible for exploitation.

SAR Aided Target Detection (AiTD) tools being pursued are able to promote rapid detection of targets of interest with minimal user input by processing imagery in a near-real time fashion. Real-time operation provides users with simple, actionable alerts with associated confidence.

The tools and applications being pursued are developed for government purpose with sufficient modularity to operate with various radar sensors and exploitation architectures.

Responders are requested to provide information for any of the following topics:
Description of sensor resource management applications including:
Mode capabilities
Current sensor implementations

Description of change detection algorithm / tool including:
Pass-to-pass geometry limitations / tolerances
Terrain limitations / tolerances (e.g. slope, foliage, etc.)
Product image format
User input requirements
Processing requirements
Coherence measurements

Description of change detection workflow including:
Implementation and performance on current radar sensors.

Description of SAR AiTD algorithm / tool including:
Target detection IDs
False alarm rate
Execution time (e.g. near real-time)
User input requirements
Configurability / tuneability
Ease of exploitation

Written inputs are requested within 10 days of this announcement. Responders are requested to submit one electronic copy to usarmy.apg.cerdec.mbx.i2wd-radar-rfi@mail.mil. There is a 10MB email limit. If classified submission is required, request how and where to send through the e-mail address provided. If electronic submission is not available, submit one hard copy to Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate, Radar and Combat ID Division, Bldg 6003, Aberdeen Proving Ground 21005. Responses shall not exceed 5 pages in length. The Government does not intend to pay for this information.

The only individuals authorized to respond to this RFI are US citizens.
No Foreign Nationals can support this submission.

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