Federal contract opportunity VA70114I0103 for administrative management and general management consulting services at VA Office of Information Service Center Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Information Service Center, response was due Mar 6, 2014.

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This sources sought notice is for market research purposes in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 10. It does not constitute a solicitation and is not to be considered as a commitment by the Government. This sources sought notice is a Request for Information (RFI) before the release of any resultant solicitation. This is not a request for a proposal and does not guarantee the release of any solicitation. NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


1. Background:

Within the Veterans Health Administration, the Office of Informatics & Analytics, Informatics Patient Safety Office is responsible for researching, analyzing and making safety recommendations on submitted IT patient safety issues as well as makes contributions to the development of software systems to improve the delivery of safe healthcare. This contract will work on the Pharmacy aspect of these patient safety issues. The contract will process and estimated 50 pharmacy patient safety issues a year.

2. Scope:

The Contractor shall provide trained personnel necessary to support the Health & Data Informatics' Patient Safety Office in the evaluation, logging, and response to medication management and patient safety risk. An essential element is to reduce the risk of errors associated with medication management. The scope of this contract is targeted towards the pharmacy environments and both the human and information technology components of the process.

3. Period of Performance:

12 months base period, plus two (2) optional 12 month periods.

4. Type of Order:

Firm Fixed Price

5. Specific Mandatory Tasks:

The contractor shall perform the tasks and complete the associated deliverables as followed by the scheduled dates within the overall period of performance.

A. Task 1.0: Analyze Medical Management Areas, Conduct Risk Analysis

The Contractor shall use evidence based methods to identify policy and procedural changes that promote best practices and conduct risk analysis and consult on issues in support of Patient Safety initiatives and medication management compliance. The Contractor shall perform a thorough analysis of the information systems and human interactions to address medication errors, and bring measurable improvements to the medication management cycle.

The Contractor shall review, analyze, and evaluate patient safety issues typically pulled from Remedy Tickets. A form will be filled out online by VA Staff identifying the potential patient safety issue. The form is then imported into the Patient Safety Office Database where the Contractor can pull the form and conduct the required analysis. The contractor will work with the Information Technology staff to identify the existing process/procedure that may cause the patient safety issue and identify remediation strategies.

The Contractor shall assist in Proactive Risk Assessments, including but not limited to Root Cause Analysis and Failure Models.

The Contractor shall submit a monthly Summary Report detailing any open Patient Safety Issues handled by the Contractor during the previous 30 days, details of any work group and conference participation, and projected travel and tasks for the upcoming period.

B. Task 2.0: Provide Subject Matter Expertise

The Contractor shall develop specific training materials to support the Patient Safety Education and Outreach training implementation plan for education efforts required across the VHA Central Office, Chief Business Office, and VHA medical facilities. These materials will focus on specific Patient Safety issues identified by the HI, Informatics Patient Safety Director. The training materials will take two forms, either a newsletter article, or a presentation consisting of 10-20 PowerPoint slides and 2-3 page summaries.

The contractor shall provide input into the drafting of Advisory notifications to be sent out to all field staff regarding Pharmacy Patient Safety alerts.

The Contractor shall support the development and management of information technology initiatives by providing expertise on methodologies to ensure complaint and problem resolution components of the projects are clearly defined. The contractor shall also provide technical/clinical support through the implementation period.

The Contractor shall maintain SharePoint web portal by updating materials with current regulations and policies and identify all updates in the monthly status report.

This notice does not restrict the Government to an ultimate acquisition approach. All firms responding to this sources sought notice are advised that their response is not a request that will be considered for contract award. All interested parties will be required to respond to the resultant solicitation separately from their response to this sources sought notice.

Submittal information required:

Contractors having the skills and capabilities necessary to perform the stated requirements should submit a capability statement of no more than 10 pages in length, single spaced, 12 point font minimum that addresses the above information. The Government will not review any other data, attachments that are in excess to the 10 pages.

In response to the RFI, interested contractors shall SUBMIT YOUR RESPONSE TO franklin.difranco@va.gov BY 6 Mar 2014 NOON EST. SUBJECT LINE SHOULD INCLUDE RFI NUMBER AND TITL Provide the following information for each functional area listed in the "Requirements" section above.

A. Past Experience - Provide the following information on a maximum of three similar projects completed within the last three years for which the responder was a prime or subcontractor.

1. The name, address, and value of each project

2. The Prime Contract Type, Firm Fixed-Price, or Time and Material

3. The name, telephone and address of the owner of each project

4. A description of each project, including difficulties and successes

5. Your company's role and services provided for each project.

B. Capabilities / Qualifications:

1. Technical Capability- Description of the capabilities/qualifications/skills your company possesses to perform services described in the scope of work.

a. A credentialed, registered Pharmacist, hold at a minimum a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy and 10+ years' experience working knowledge of Department of Veterans Affairs' computer hardware/software in use in a pharmacy environment?

b. Explain your 2+ year's demonstrated experience with Patient Safety improvement issues.

Key Personnel - Respondents shall identify key personnel and their duties and responsibilities under this order. (Provide resumes including education levels of proposed personnel.) Explain how the personnel will be applied to the order and why the qualifications of the personnel are a good fit with the Statement of Work.

2. Socio-Economic Status - Indicate whether your company, subcontractors, teaming partners, joint ventures have a Federal Socio-Economic status, e.g., Small Business, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Veteran Owned Small Business, Woman-Owned Small Business, Disadvantaged Small Business, and Hub Zone. If Service-Disabled or Veteran Owned Small Business, is your company and or partners registered in VA's VetBiz repository?