Federal contract opportunity N0025910T0653 for surgical appliance and supplies manufacturing at Bureau of Medicine and Surgery NMC San Diego, response was due Sep 17, 2010.

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Under the authority of FAR 13.106-3, sole source justification is based on Stryker/Alliant Health Care Products being the only company supplying these particular items utilized with existing government owned equipment and instrumentation.

1. Description of the supplies and/or services required to meet the end-user's minimum needs:

The clinic requires a titanium CMF plates and screws to {"nate, stabilized, and repair

fractures and defects of patients presented with a wide range of Maxillofacial injuries or

defects. The system shall allows for the performance of procedures on all Cranio Maxillofacial

fractures, Orthognathic and Reconstructive surgical cases. The system shall

be able to be configured for simple or complex cases.

The system must comprised of

various configuration not limited to a 1.2MM upper face {"nation module, a 1.7MM

midface facture module, a 2.0MM mini plating module, mandible module, fracture

module and a 2.3 reconstructive module. In additional the system must be able compatable with the department's current plating system, the Stryker Leibinger Universal 2 CMF System.

2. Estimated value of the requirement:

3. Contractor's unique qualifications which make hirn/her the ONLY source that can truly satisfy the Government's minimum requirements:

The OMS clinic current has a Stryker Universal CMF system which requires replacement

CMF plates and screws. Alliant Healthcare Products is the sole source for the distribution

of Stryker products to federal entities.

If another vendor CMF plates and screws were

chosen the department will be forced to purchase new instrumentation to complement the

system selected.

4. Demonstration of the market search conducted appropriate to the size and complexity of the Government's minimum requirements. Include sources (in Government and industry) contacted and information obtained per source which further supports a sole source acquisition request.:

Synthes Maxillofacial, KLS Martin, Ostomed, and Walter Lorenz offers CMF plating

systems however, these plating systems are not compatible with the Stryker CMF modules

that are currently in use.

5. Other facts supporting the use of other than full and open competition:

It is imperative from a safety and quality of care that the clinic uses the correct

proprioritary instrumentation for the plates and screws selected.

(Rev 9-19-07)

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