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The Space and Naval Warfare SystemsCommand (SPAWAR SYSCOM) insupport of the Program ExecutiveOffice for Command, Control,Communications, Computers, andIntelligence (PEO C4I), CommunicationProgram Office (PMW/A 170) seeks toprocure portable radios, relatedancillary parts, and engineeringsupport services for future upgrades,repairs, and training. The PRP currentlyprocures, fields, and supportshandheld, manpack, vehicular, andbase station radios that fulfill the Navy-wide High Frequency (HF) Very HighFrequency (VHF), Ultra High Frequency(UHF) Line of Sight (LOS) and SatelliteCommunication (SATCOM)requirements. The PRP procuresCommercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)/NonDevelopmental Items (NDIs) to meetthe Navys near term requirements forcommand and control tools in ground,small craft tactical environments, andmaritime platforms for ships andsubmarines. The PRP also procuresancillary parts, as well as training,maintenance and engineering servicesto support the aforementioned radios.

The Program Office requires that theseradios have NSA Type I Certifications,JITC Certifications indicatinginteroperability compliance with MIL-STD communications methods, JTRSSCA Certifications, and SpectrumCertifications J/F 12, and must be incompliance with MIL-STD-810F forimmersion (twenty meters for handheldradios, one meter for Manpack radios),shock/vibration standards (trackedvehicles, wheeled vehicles, andshipboard installations), temperature (-20? to +60?C). Additionally, the radiosmust support programmable encryption.

The radios must be capable of voiceand data operation using the followingwaveforms or communicationsmethods: SATCOM (MIL-STD-188-181B/C, -182A/B, -183A/B, and -184),SINCGARS (MIL-STD-188-220, and -241), VULOS (MIL-STD-188-181B, -241, and -242), HAVEQUICK I/II (MIL-STD-188-220 and JIEO-9120A), APCOP25, HPW, ALE (MIL-STD-188-141B),COBRA/eCOBRA, and SCM/iSCM. Thefollowing encryption methods must besupported in the radios: KYV-5, KY-57,KG-84, AES, CITADEL, FASCINATOR, KY-99, and KY-100. The radios encryptionand waveform capabilities must besoftware upgradable in the field byNavy end users.

The radios must be form, fit, andfunction (FFF) compatible with thecurrently installed base of Navyportable radio systems. To meet thisrequirement, radios and ancillariesmust be capable of matching allphysical dimensions andelectrical/electronic interfaces of theinstalled base. The currently installedbase is comprised of the followingradio families and variants: AN/PRC-152 (series), AN/PRC-150 (series),AN/PRC-117 (series), AN/VRC-103(series), AN/VRC-110 (series), AN/VRC-104 (series), RF-300M (series), RF-5800H series.

2.0 SYNPOSIS TERMS - THIS IS ASOURCES SOUGHT SYNOPSIS ONLY.THIS IS NOT A NOTICE OFSOLICITATION ISSUANCE. Thissynopsis is issued solely forinformation and planning purposes - itdoes not constitute a Request forProposal (RFP) or a promise to issuean RFP in the future. It is theresponsibility of the potentialrespondents to monitor this site foradditional information pertaining tothis potential requirement. Theinformation provided in this SourcesSought Synopsis is subject to changeand is not binding on theGovernment. Further, the release ofthis Sources Sought Synopsis shouldnot be construed as such acommitment or as authorization toincur cost for which reimbursementwould be required or sought.Respondents are advised that the U.S.Government will not pay for anyinformation or administrative costincurred in response to this SourcesSought Synopsis. All costs associatedwith responding to this Sources SoughtSynopsis will be solely at the interestedparty's expense. Proprietaryinformation shall not be included inany response to this Sources SoughtNotice as support contractors mayreview and evaluate responses to thissynopsis. Failure to respond to thisSources Sought Synopsis will notpreclude participation in any futureRFP, if issued.

3.0 REQUESTED INFORMATION -Responses to this synopsis shallprovide, at a minimum, the name,phone number, fax number, level ofcompany facility clearance, and e-mailaddress of the designated point ofcontact of the respondent.Respondents shall indicate theirbusiness size, socio-economic statusand the extent for which they caninclude Small Business, SmallDisadvantaged Business, HUBZoneSmall Business, Women-owned,Veteran-owned, or 8(a) participation inany potential resulting procurement.The North American IndustryClassification System (NAICS) code forthis requirement is 541512 and thesmall business size standard is $25million. Respondents are requested toprovide a corporate capabilitystatement that explains: 1) theirtechnical capability to meet theGovernment's requirements, 2)availability of staff with the expertiserequired, 3) past performance onsimilar projects, and 4) any potentialsubcontracting arrangements.


4.1 Responses to this synopsis shallbe in Microsoft Office 2000 compatibleor Adobe PDF format and are due nolater than 20 July 2010, 11:00 AM SanDiego, CA local time and shall besubmitted on the SPAWAR e-commercewebsite under this Market Survey.Responses shall not exceed threepages, excluding any advertisingmaterials such as company brochures.The responses shall contain astatement that the Government candistribute the information to otherGovernment offices and agencies andto support contractors.

4.2 To access the SPAWAR E-Commerce Central website, go tohttps://e- commerce.spawar.navy.mil.Interested parties are invited tosubscribe to the SPAWAR website toensure they receive any importantinformation updates connected withthis Sources Sought.