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FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Joseph M. Fellner, Jr (443-395-6362) Joseph.m.fellner.civ@mail.mil

This is a survey to locate any additional sources that can perform depot repair of Digital Multiplexer 202055-01, Voltage Error Monitor, 202056-01 and Satellite Receiving Set, A23900. This survey is published in compliance with FAR Part 10, (Market Research). Presently, the only known source of repair is General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, Inc., Longview TX.

Any other sources that can provide a repair capability for these exact items must show either: Information/data/documentation which shows that they have, in fact, previously repaired these items; or, provide a letter from General Dynamics, SATCOM Technologies, Inc. confirming that they are an authorized repair facility. The contractor shall be required to warrant that such items will satisfactorily perform, when used for the purpose intended by the Army, for a period of one (1) year. The deadline for response to this notice is 4 March 2014.

NOTE: This is NOT a solicitation - this is a request for information only and all information received will be used for planning purposes only. The Army Contracting Command does not intend to award a contract on the basis of your responses or otherwise pay for the preparation of any information presented. All proprietary information should be marked as such.

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