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NSN 7H-4330-014826046-X5, TDP VER 009, QTY 13 AY, DELIVER TO SW3216, DEFDIST DEPOT PUGET SOUND, BREMERTON, WA 98314-5130. All firms should include theirCAGE code on solicitation requests. All responsible sources may submit an offerwhich, if received in a timely manner will be considered. Due to theunavailability of the drawings or other data, this requirement will berestricted to: Oil States Industry Inc. (cage 18444) NOM: FILTER ASSEMBLY NSN:7H 4330 01-482-6046 X5 PART NUMBER: ND8271 QUANTITY: 13 EACH MIL-I-45208REQUIREMENT APPLIES. IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED, TWO COPIES OF THE SOLICITATIONMUST BE COMPLETED, SIGNED, AND RECEIVED BY THE CONTRACTING OFFICER PRIOR TO THECLOSING DATE/TIME OF THE SOLICITATION. -SEE NOTES 9, 22, 26